Mens Jade Wedding Ring

Gold Or Silver Jade Ring For Men

Mens wedding rings can be plain or have gem and diamonds set in them. When it comes to choosing gemstones for a wedding ring, men avoid stones that are bright and flashy. You will agree that not many mens wedding rings that you come across will have bright pink, blue or even green colors. However there are some gems which are very well accepted by men for their wedding rings, jade is surely one of those stones. Most of the colors in which a jade gem is found will not be bright or flashy, green jade is obviously very popular for mens wedding rings. In the next few paragraphs we will discuss issues related to a gold or 925 silver mens jade wedding ring.

Let us first understand the gem stone jade, this is a first and necessary step to ensure that you make the right choice when choosing a mens jade wedding ring. You should know that the name jade covers two distinct gems these are, nephrite and jadeite. Your mens jade gem wedding ring could contain either of these, rest assured that it would be a jade ring no matter which jade variety you use. Jade has been known to man for many centuries, most of the ancient jade articles were made from nephrite and not jadeite. This is a very interesting observation since, in todays world jadeite enjoys a greater popularity as compared to nephrite. Jadeite is also more expensive as compared to nephrite.

The structure of jade and jadeite are different and we will try to explain this in a simple and non-technical language. Your mens jade gem stone wedding ring could use either of these and would still be regarded as a genuine jade ring. Nephrite has a microcrystalline and fibrous construction and this makes it strong and sturdy despite the fact that, the gemstone has a hardness in the 6 to 6.5 range. Nephrite has more or less the same construction but, it is not fibrous. Durability is a very important aspect of mens jewelry, this is basically because men do not take too much care of the jewelry that they wear. You might therefore conclude that most mens jade wedding rings are made with nephrite rather than jadeite. But the truth is that many jewelry buyers prefer jadeite because of its color. The green in jadeite is much more clean and in most cases, the gem shows some degree of transluscence. However, you can choose nephrite or jadeite when ordering a silver or gold mens wedding ring with jade from us.

A stylish and yet sturdy men's jade gemstone ring, the gem is mined in Burma (Myanmar) and has not been treated in any way. This ring is both convenient and comfortable to wear everyday and all the time. Good metal weight ensures a tough configuration, quality standards remain the same for the gold or 925 silver men's  jade ring ... more.

The MAN10N is a awesome natural jade gemstone ring, the jade is left untreated and is procured adjacent to the mining sites in Myanmar. The surrounding stones in the gold or 925 silver men's jade wedding ring, can be chosen by you, diamonds are one option but gems like white sapphires and zircon are also possible ... more

The story of jade has always been shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Gem experts classify both jadeite and nephrite as jade, the gems in these Kaisilver jade rings are natural jadeite. Burma is the only source for gem quality jadeite and that is where we focus on gem sourcing. The finest jadeite is as expensive or even more expensive, as compared to diamonds. While most gem providers resort to dyeing lower qualities of jadeite, we at Kai Silver have decided to move on the harder but better way to get untreated jadeite. By having our expert gem buyers stationed very near the jadeite mining sites in Myanmar, we are able to pick natural and untreated stones that are not very expensive. Each piece of rock is picked, based on the value that it would provide for the price that we charge our clients. 

The above approach allows us to scoop up jade pieces that would otherwise be sent for further treatment using resins, fillers or dyeing. The important thing to understand is that, we can offer both fine jade and dyed jade for your ring - make a specific request for that if you prefer such stones. It is also possible to provide a gem authentication certificate from an independent testing lab. The certification fees will be added to the cost of the ring. 

Highlights Of Kaisilver Jade Rings:

  • Each men's jade ring is custom made in sterling silver or gold. 
  • Medium priced natural jadeite gems from Myanmar (Burma) is used for all rings. 
  • Expert craftsmanship and custom cut jade is provided for silver and gold rings. 
  • We can also provide the finest jadeite and dyed jadeite gems on request.
  • Pick a men's jade wedding ring design from our website or send us your own design. 
  • Good gold and silver weight will be provided to make the ring sturdy and long lasting. 
  • Gem authentication certification is available for an additional charge. 
  • We can accommodate requests for all ring sizes for your made men's ring. 

When it comes to gemstone shapes for your mens jade wedding ring, oval is the most popular choice. Complete customization of every aspect of the jewel will allow you to choose the shape and size of the stone. You might want to try a mens jade gemstone ring with a round, trillion or even a square shaped jade stone. Marquise and pear shaped gems are normally not used in mens rings, but you can always follow your fancy. Just keep in mind that you need a gem that is neither too high nor too flat, very flat stones can lack strength.

Buyers are often confused in choosing a gold or sterling silver mens ring. On this issue budget allocation and personal preference are to be considered. With gold prices hitting all time highs, a mens gold wedding ring with jade might be beyond many budgets. Remember that sufficient metal weight

Getting a better understanding of the gem stone in your jade ring will help you better appreciate it's value. So do spend some time reading this interesting information. The best thing about jade is that it is tough and durable, the natural structure of the gem stone is to be thanked for this. Mens jade rings draw much benefit from the toughness of the gem stone mainly because, men do not take much care of the jewels that they wear. Long before jade was used in jewelry, mankind used it to produce tools and weapons. 

Coming to the specific design of this mens jade wedding ring, you will observe that it has an oval green jade gem stone in the center. Surrounding this center jade gem is a row of small stones, you can choose the gems of your choice for the small gems. It is also possible to request for a design variation and leave the row of small stones out of the design. Gems that are ideally suited for the 2mm to 2.5mm round stones around the oval jade are, diamonds, white sapphires, blue sapphires and rubies. You can also consider black diamonds if you wish to strike a clear contrast between the center jade and the gold mounting.

Kaisilver is the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. Some of Thailand's finest craftsmen and gem cutters work on all our custom jewelry orders. Do send us your queries and requirements at Our team of gem and jewelry professionals (not smart talking sales staff) will attend to every email and ensure that they are fully answered.