Man Wedding Ring

Despite the growing popularity of men's jewelry, a wedding ring is very often the only jewel that a man wears. While ladies generally celebrate the big event by, wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring - it is generally common for men to settle for a man wedding ring without, wearing a special ring to signify the engagement. Irrespective of whether, a man owns an entire array of rings or treasures a single jewel in the form of a wedding ring, the importance of his wedding ring cannot be denied.  It is therefore expected that sufficient care is taken before choosing the ring.  Just keep in mind that, the true meaning of your man wedding ring lies in the important event that it symbolizes. Do not overspend when choosing your ring, keep options open and do not push for what 'everyone' else is wearing. 

Another interesting aspect of men's jewelry is that, men are impressed with jewels that have some meaning or tradition attached to them.  For example, a men's ring with a birthstone would surely draw favor with them. Engravings that relate to something personal between the couple, are also a great idea. In their simplest form, a man wedding ring could have the wedding or engagement ring engraved inside the ring.  Ever since Kai Silver introduced the concept of a men's ying yang ring, this symbol has gained popularity in men's wedding rings. We custom make man wedding rings in gold or 925 sterling silver. While the pages on this website will enlighten you about some awesome ideas for your ring, you are welcome to send us images or sketches of your ideas too. Our highly skilled team of designers, craftsmen and gem experts will dedicate their talents and experience to deliver the ring of your dreams. And this will remain true no matter whether you order a simple and traditional, man wedding band in gold silver or, the most elaborate ring encrusted with the gems and diamonds of your choice. Drop us an email at if you have any questions or requirements related to gems or jewelry. You can draw the benefits of our expertise without, feeling obligated to purchase anything from us. 

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sapphire wedding ring for men

A tremendous sapphire diamond ring for men, perfect for a men's wedding ring. Sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and trust since ancient times. Wearing a sapphire wedding ring, adds to the solemn meaning of the relationship. Get full details and pricing ... more

diamond wedding ring for men

A men's diamond wedding ring is best when custom made. Kaisilver experts provide constructive ideas to  configure a diamond ring to be suitable for a men's wedding ring. You will also learn how to work on a pair of diamond rings. Do not miss this highly informative report ... more

diamond wedding ring for men

A men's diamond wedding ring would be a great idea but, most jewelers inflate prices for these rings. Kaisilver talks about the MAN65, a handsome, sturdy and well crafted diamond ring for men. Get full details for this awesome ring, available in gold and silver and in all sizes ... more

ruby wedding ring gold for men

A majestic ruby wedding band for men, an octagonal ruby gem in the center guarded on either side by a row of glittering diamonds. We can craft a gold or 925 silver wedding ring for you with a ruby gemstone. You can also send us your own design ideas ... more

mens aquamarine ring wedding

Aquamarine with its serene pastel color exudes confidence and style, without being loud or noisy. Kaisilver aquamarine rings for men include, handpicked, custom cut and certified aquamarine gemstones. The gems is believed to encourage harmony and understanding ... more

men's tourmaline wedding ring

Green is the color of hope, regeneration and crystal healers often recommend wearing a green gem to settle differences and strained relationships. Kaisilver gives you some exciting ideas and gemstone options for men's wedding rings with various green gems ... more

A men's wedding ring with a square gem would be fine for everyday wear. Kaisilver ensures that the design elements provided for a custom men's wedding ring in gold or 925 silver, provide durability and wearing comfort. Rings can be custom made with your design or ours ... more

ring with ruby and diamond for men

Big wedding ring for men, the MAN122R features a ruby gemstone in the center surrounded by a row of glittering diamonds. A men's wedding ring needs to be stylish and sturdy. Kaisilver maintains the same, quality standards for a gold or silver men's ruby wedding  ring ... more