Custom Wedding Rings For Men

Men today know the style and concept of a their wedding ring, they just don't know where to go and get it from. The fact is that a custom wedding ring for men is the best way to translate expectations into reality. Understandably lack of time and hectic schedules can pose a challenge, this is precisely why men prefer to work with Kai Silver for their jewelry requirements. At Kaisilver we can custom make just about any ring or jewel that you need, pick from our pieces or send us your own details. You can choose gold or sterling silver and have access to every gemstone on planet earth. 

When you discuss your ideas with us at the advice and suggestions that you receive are provided by a team of gem and jewelry experts. We have no sales support staff to push you into a hurried purchase. You can ask as many questions as you wish and get all the required guidance, there is never any obligation to buy anything from us. It is therefore a good idea to make us your first destination when looking for a men's wedding ring. 

Gold and sterling silver wedding rings for men are crafted to the same quality standards. Our website is loaded with valuable and high utility information related to gems and jewelry. Few jewelers will care to be as detailed as we are. In this section we showcase some tremendous ideas for your men's wedding ring. All these jewels can be ordered in 14k and 18k gold and also in 925 silver. When choosing a men''s gold ring, you can select yellow, white or pink gold. The gemstone selection can be decided by you and you are not limited by what is shown or mentioned on the website.  We can also custom make a men's ring, with your design idea or sketch. 

claddagh wedding ring for men

A men's wedding ring with awesome symbolism, the claddagh ring is a 4 century old legend. The ring signifies love, loyalty and togetherness and these qualities, happen to be the essence of any happy relationship and family. You can choose a claddagh ring for men in gold or 925 silver with your choice of gemstones, read the full report ... more

emerald wedding ring men's

An emerald wedding ring for men, the design, configuration, gem mount, gem size and metal weight for this men's wedding ring are all optimized to look good and make the ring sturdy and long lasting. You could select this men's wedding band and request for a change of gem, it is also possible to combine different gemstones in the gold or 925 silver ring ... more

tanzanite wedding ring for men

The strong surge of colored gems in men's wedding rings allows for self expression and you have a whole galaxy of colors to choose from. We talk about men's tanzanite wedding rings, the gemstone that is 1,000 times rarer than diamond and absolutely stunning. Kaisilver experts give their valuable suggestions to help you pick the best men's ring ... more.  

men's ruby wedding ring

Ruby is rare, it is gorgeous and symbolizes true love and sincerity. Few gems are more suited for men's wedding rings than a ruby, Kaisilver recommends a sturdy ruby ring in gold or sterling silver for men. While ruby itself is a tough gem, it is important for a ruby men's wedding ring to have features that enhance the durability of the jewel, read this report ... more

sapphire ring for men wedding

A durable sapphire wedding ring for men, the center sapphire gemstone is haloed with a row of sparkling diamonds. We offer two grades of sapphires to choose from, it is also possible to provide a yellow or orange sapphire instead of the blue gem. Custom made in silver and yellow, white and rose gold - 14k or 18k. Review all details and check the options ... more

mens garnet wedding ring spessartite

A tremendous garnet wedding ring for men, this handsome ring from Kai Silver goes off the beaten track and does not patronize the all popular red garnet. The MAN122 gold or 925 silver gemstone wedding ring for men is adorned with a gorgeous orange garnet gem, the gemstone is a spessartite garnet. You can order your ring with the gem of your choice ... more

jade wedding ring for men

The Chinese have for thousands of years respected jade as being the stone for prosperity and good health. Jadeite from Burma is a highly sought after gem, men love the stone for its looks and its toughness. We talk about a custom jade wedding ring for men, you pick gold or silver and let us know the design of your choice. Review some sturdy jade rings ... more

men's diamond wedding band

A custom made men's diamond wedding ring. Since each ring is made from start to finish without, relying on ready molds, complete customization is possible. A broader band width and heavier band width are possible. The number of diamonds can be increased to 3 or even four. Some or all of the diamonds can be replaced with gems of your choice ... more.