Claddagh Wedding Rings For Men

Some of you might be surprised if we recommended a heart ring for a men's wedding ring. After all, heart jewelry has always been appreciated and worn by ladies and girls.  Supported by strong logic and reason we will repeat that, a men's claddagh wedding ring will have great significance. The cladagh ring was first made around four centuries ago by an Irish slave named, Robert Joyce. The young man crafted this jewel for his beloved while he was still, suffering under the shackles of slavery. The ring depicts a heart being held by two hands, a crown is set above the heart.  It is these 3 features that denote, love, friendship and loyalty - the young man wanted the ring to convey his true feelings for his beloved. The story ends on a good note when, Robert is freed from slavery and gets reunited with his beloved. He gave her the ring that he had made, the jewel was named after the  small fishing village (Claddagh) in which Robert and his beloved lived. The couple were soon married and lived happily ever after. 

mens claddagh wedding ring
plain claddagh wedding ring for men

Now back to our recommendation of a men's claddagh wedding ring. Kaisilver experts spent several months researching the history, tradition and significance of the cladagh ring. The experts concluded that the meaning of the jewel was relevant to both men and ladies. To put it in proper perspective they said that, the love, friendship and loyalty symbolized by the cladagh ring was relevant to all relationships - even business or profession related. And there really is no committed relationship that is more important than, the engagement and wedding between two individuals. The design and production teams worked on the findings got from the research and finalized, the specifications for the Kaisilver claddagh ring. Since our objective was to ensure that, every Kaisilver claddagh ring retained the meaning of the first jewel made 4 centuries ago, we give emphasis to the three (heart, crown and hands) main features of the jewel. 

Our claddagh rings for men and the rings for ladies, have the same basic features. However the men's cladagh ring has larger dimensions and houses a larger gemstone in the center. As expected the men's ring also boasts of a much higher metal weight, this is necessary to support the bigger dimensions of the jewel. We provide the same care and attention when crafting the gold or 925 silver men's claddagh ring. You choose the gemstone for your jewel and we also have a version, that is made without any gemstone. 

When you choose a men's cladagh wedding ring you actually, carry the symbolism of marriage on your finger. Basically your ring says that the two of you will always be together through good and tough times. You will also remain loyal to each other and ensure that true love always rules your family life. We offer both plain and gemstone claddagh rings, the choice is yours. A men's plain claddagh ring will be easier to maintain, as you need not worry about the gem hitting against hard objects or being affected in any other way. On the other hand, a men's claddagh wedding ring with a gem can appear more stylish and in some cases, the gem you choose might have some special significance to you. 

The concept of wedding ring pairs has always been popular. In this case, the bride and the bridegroom wear a ring that is similar in terms of style and design concept. The dimensions, ring size and even the metal can differ but the concept remains the same. Choosing a men's claddagh wedding ring will give you an opportunity to pick a pair of claddagh wedding rings. The symbolism of the claddagh ring is not dependent on gender or religion. Kaisilver crafts the finest claddagh rings for both men and women. The RG802 Claddagh Ring is a design suitable for women, the ring has the same features as the first ring made 4 centuries ago. You could order a women's claddagh ring along with the men's claddagh wedding ring. The concept of a pair of wedding bands need not imply that, the same gems be set in both rings. One interesting possibility is for the bride and bridegroom to have their birthstones set in their rings. You could take this idea a bit further and exchange birthstones in the pair of wedding rings. Remember it is the features in the claddagh ring that gives the jewel its true meaning. You can therefore choose the metal or gold color based on what works best for you. The selection of the metal color for wedding rings is generally influenced by the overall color of the dress and other accessories too. At Kaisilver we have found that in many cases, many men prefer to wear a men's silver claddagh ring but, end up picking a gold ring for the bride. 

Kaisilver: We craft gold and silver jewelry in any design and with any gemstone. Uniform quality standards are maintained for the gold and silver ring. With thousands of fingers across the world proudly wearing the Kaisilver claddagh ring, it is quite right to say that we offer the best rendition of this tremendous jewel. You can send us your own design sketches and images to be custom made. And if you pick a piece from our website remember that, every jewel can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with no limitation on gem selection. We welcome your questions and requests at , since their is no obligation to buy anything from us, it is always a good idea to draw on the expertise of our team.