Men's Cross Wedding Rings

Few of us are not aware of the meaning of a cross ring, but this jewel can become even more significant in some cases. While mens wedding rings can be made more extravagant with expensive gems and diamonds, there an increasing number of men are now looking to increase the meaning of their wedding. Adding a cross to a wedding ring brings a religious touch to the jewel. You could have a simple cross wedding ring for men or get an expensive ring where, the cross is studded with glittering diamonds or precious gems. In this report we will talk about a cross ring that is strong and sturdy, it can be made in gold or sterling silver. Considering the fact that most men do not like to wear flashy and loud jewels, this simple plain cross mens ring is bound to impress many gentlemen.

As the name would suggest, a plain mens cross wedding ring would not have stones or diamonds studded in it. Given the fact that such jewels have meaning in their symbolism and not their price tag, a gold or silver cross mens ring would be equally good. Wedding bands are very popular when it comes to wedding rings for men, the design concept discussed on this page retains the concept of a men's wedding band. It however incorporates the cross design into the ring to increase the meaning of the jewel. There are some advantages that come with a plain wedding band, understanding these could influence your buying decision. When you choose a plain ring, you do not need to worry about budgeting for the gem stone or diamond in your ring. Since every gem has specific physical properties, it is necessary to understand these properties. For examples, some gems cannot be exposed to strong light. Gems like tanzanite should not be worn when doing heavy physical activity as the gem could get damaged by physical impact. What this basically means is that, the longterm durability of a gemstone wedding ring would be influenced by the properties of the gem too. These issues do not become relevant when you choose a plain wedding band.

Since all Kaisilver jewels are fully custom made, you could request for changes to be made when ordering your mens cross wedding ring. Complete customization means that every feature and dimension of the ring can be decided by you. The image shows this cross mens ring with a cross that is slightly indented into the metal. Your cross wedding ring can be produced with a slightly raised cross or even, with a cross cut right through the metal. The band width of the ring can also be made according to your preference. The best thing about Kaisilver custom jewelry is that, all jewelry can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. Since every cross mens wedding ring will be fully custom made, the metal weight will always be kept proportional to the ring size dimensions. This is very importatnt for longterm durability and cannot be handled in a mass production process.

he concept of this wedding cross ring can be applied to different ring types. You could for example, have the same ring made with an etching of an animal instead of the cross. It is also possible to have a symbol like the yin yang etched into or raised over your wedding ring. Initials are also quite popular in men's wedding rings and you could choose to have just your initial or include the initial of your wife on your ring. The very same concept could be used to create a ring for a musician by etching a musical note on the ring. The Star of David symbol or lightning symbols are some other suggestions for engraving on wedding band rings fro men.

man cross wedding rings
This is a sturdy and strong mens cross wedding band. The band width and ring size will be made according to your requirements. The cross on this mens wedding ring can be etched into or raised above the surface of the ring. You could also request for the cross in your man wedding ring to be cut through the metal. This man wedding ring is available in 14k or 18k gold and you have the option for a white or yellow gold ring. The same good craftsmanship and metal weight is provided for the silver cross wedding ring ...... click  for details.

If you have a look at the MH-02 wedding cross ring shown above, you will notice that the band on this ring is slightly rounded outwards. In jewelry jargon, it is referred to as a barrel shaped band. You could also have a straight band that is not curved outwards, this would be a flat straight band. Since each cross wedding ring is custom made, the metal weight will be worked out based on the band width and ring size that is required. You can also let us know if you need a wedding band that has no metal scooping done inside the band. We will let you know if your particular ring size calls for more metal weight. Remember that healthy metal weight is one of the primary requirements to produce a strong and durable jewel. Besides the cross on the outside of your wedding band, you could also request for some specific engavings to be done inside the band.

We do hope that you have found the above information to be both useful and interesting. Should you ever need any information  related to gems and jewelry, feel free to email the Kaisilver team of experts at We can produce just about any custom jewel with the metal, dimensions, gemstones and design that you require.

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