Diamond Wedding Ring

While it is not tough to get hold of a men's diamond ring, prices are generally beyond most budgets. There is no doubt that diamonds hold a special place when it comes to wedding rings. If you are looking for a men's diamond wedding ring, the experts at Kaisilver would recommend that you go for the custom made option. Most jewelers offer high priced ready made rings, the idea is to sell a few rings and make a big margin on each of them. We had introduced the RG180 diamond ring more than a decade ago and interestingly, the orders for a men's ring have been tremendous. The advantage of going for a custom wedding ring is that, you can request for design modifications to suit your size and dimension preferences. Since each diamond ring is custom made, requests for all design modifications can be done. 

mens diamond wedding ring
wedding ring for men diamond

Customizing The RG180 Diamond Ring: Before we get into details of how this ring can be customized to deliver a handsome men's diamond wedding ring, let us understand the features of the standard ring. The ring as shown above has round diamonds that are 2.5mm or 3mm in size. The head height of the ring is around 6mm to 7mm, the portion behind the finger is 4mm to 5mm wide. The weight of the ring around 10 to 12 grams. The ring is available in 14k and 18k gold, with yellow, white and rose gold color options. Sterling silver is also an option and both metals, get the same quality standards. Most men would like to wear a ring that is larger and heaver than the ring with these specifications. Below are the most popular design changes that are requested by men buying the RG180 ring. 

  • Use diamonds or gems in the 4mm to 5mm size range for the same ring. 
  • Combine diamonds and gems, there is no restriction on gem selection. 
  • Select square (princess cut) diamonds or gems instead of round ones. 
  • You could request for 3 stones (instead of 2), this increases head height.
  • An impressive men's diamond ring could have a head height of 8-10mm. 
  • The portion behind the finger would then be around 5-7mm wide. 
  • Men wear heavier rings, a minimum weight of 20 to 25 grams is recommended. 
  • The ring could be solid inside with no scooping, weight might need to be optimized. 
  • The number of men who prefer yellow gold is slightly higher. 
  • Most men prefer 14k diamond wedding rings, because the metal is harder. 
  • A complete dull or full high polish finish is preferred for men's rings. 

How Does Pricing Work: So you know exactly what you wish to see in your men's diamond wedding ring, now how do the price logistics work. Here is how the process works, you pick the diamond or gemstone size and shape and mention the ring size required. You can combine diamonds and gems or different gems in your wedding ring. Specify the gems (if any) that you need as, gem prices differ. If you wish to wear a men's diamond wedding ring with a specific width, mention your preference. The size of the stones and the metal weight would  be influenced by the band width and the ring size. State your preference for gold or 925 silver, you can pick 10k, 14k or 18k gold for the diamond gold ring. Email the details to our team at sales@kaisilver.com and we will get back to you with pricing and suggestions.

Top Tips: The design for your diamond wedding ring should, support frequent and long term wear. Good metal weight is required to ensure that the ring does not bend or deform easily. Pick a men's wedding ring where the diamonds do not protrude too much from the ring surface. Such a ring would be easier to maintain, this is important if you plan to wear your ring often.

diamond wedding ring for men made to order
diamond wedding ring for men