Wedding Ring With Diamonds For Men

The idea of a diamond wedding ring appeals to both men and women. Diamonds have since ancient times, symbolized sincerity and truth. While the idea of wearing a diamond ring might have been promoted by business interests, it is true that this stone manifests the true meaning of a long relationship based on trust. Men's diamond wedding rings are considered to be big bill purchases, jewelers offer these rings at prices that can range as high as 100,000 U.S$. So what can a couple with limited means and logical reasoning, do to get a moderately priced men's diamond ring. This report focuses on the features and customization of a men's diamond wedding ring that is not extravagantly priced. At the same time, we are talking about natural diamonds that look good to the human eye. 

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Your search for a men's diamond ring will face some unique challenges. Men love rings with big stones and impressive dimensions. Diamonds are expensive and even more so when their size increases. Just to put this into perspective, a 4 to 5 carat sapphire of a reasonably good grade, can be had for around 3,000 U.S$ to 6,000 U.S$ for the piece. On the other hand, a 2 carat diamond with a modest grade (quality), can cost well over 8,000 U.S$. You will need to reign in your ambitions for a chunky diamond but, fortunately this will not reduce the extravagant look of the ring. We will provide a few suggestions, using two very popular Kaisilver diamond rings as an example. 

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Customizing The RG180 Diamond Ring: The regular version of this diamond ring, has options for 2.5mm or 3mm round diamonds. These stones deliver a head height of 6mm to 7mm.. The band itself can be tapered or provided with a uniform band width. Now if this was to be a men's diamond wedding ring and you need a wider band and more glitter on the diamond look, here is what we would suggest. To begin with, you could go for square diamonds instead of the round ones shown in the image. If you had to opt for 4mm diamonds, the head height of the ring would jump to 10mm and this is an awesome size for a men's diamond ring. Raising the diamond size from 2.5mm or 3mm to 4mm, would add a significant amount to the price tag. Go for it, if that is something your budget can handle by all means but, here is a more affordable option. We can craft this ring with 3 diamonds instead of 2. If these were 3mm round or square diamonds, the ring with 3 diamonds would have a head height of 11mm. Another feature that will surely need an upgrade is the metal weight of the ring. Men generally have a finger size that is in the range of 9 to 12 (US). The minimum metal weight recommended would be 20-25 grams. The actual metal weight would depend on the ring size and the choice of a uniform or tapered band. Like all Kaisilver jewels, this diamond wedding ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver. We provide 14k and 18k gold options, you can pick white, yellow or rose gold. 

Customizing The RG210 Diamond Band: This is a sturdy diamond ring, it would make an awesome men's diamond wedding ring. The configuration as shown include a 4mm round diamond, you could choose a square diamond instead. The band width is a uniform 6mm all around. You could push the band width for this diamond ring to 7mm by requesting for a 5mm diamond. You should know that the increase in diamond size from 4mm to 5mm, results in a near doubling of the diamond weight. Diamonds are cut to international proportions. 

Customizing A Pair Of Rings: Couples often choose to buy a pair of wedding rings, the idea is for both rings to have the same design concept. Marriage is about an important and solemn relationship, two people come together to live together and build a family. By wearing similar wedding rings, the couple strengthens the bond between them. When we talk about a pair of diamond wedding rings, the ring size, gemstones, diamonds and overall dimensions of the two rings could differ. The RG210 and RG180 diamond rings discussed in this report are perfect for a pair of wedding rings. When it comes to the RG210 you could even go for a 3mm diamond size for the woman's ring and keep the 4mm diamond size for the men's ring. At Kaisilver there is no limitation on design or gemstones, so just let us know what you prefer. 

Kaisilver: We custom make all types of jewelry in gold or 925 sterling silver. The design can be provided by you or picked from our websites. Each ring is fully custom made, this allows us to accommodate all design modification requests. The support experts at will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. You can review the Kaisilver Custom RIngs Collection and learn, more about the men's diamond rings discussed in this report.