Mens Gem Stone Wedding Ring

Growing Trend For Men's Wedding Rings With  Colored Gems

It began with ladies wedding and engagement rings and has now, is clearly visible in wedding rings for men too.  We are talking about colored gems in wedding rings. While it is not necessary for the long popular diamond wedding ring to fret and fume, the current trend is for wedding rings that flash colored gems. Every colored gem has a history and some amazing folklore woven around it. Young men realize that, colored gems offer better size and attraction at prices that are well below the general price of diamonds. Gem size is an important factor that influences the price of men's gem stone rings - this is even more glaring when you refer to diamond rings. And don't forget that colors can say a lot about your style and personality. Making the right gem selection can add a new dimension to your wedding ring. 

sapphire gemstone wedding ring for men

Men's gemstone wedding bands provided a sophisticated look that pairs well, with almost any dress style - casual or formal. The gemstone for your men's ring could be picked by you, go by your favorite gem color or just wear that special birthstone that makes a special connect with you. Custom made in all gold colors and silver ... more

men's gold wedding ring with ruby

A very sturdy men's wedding ring, awesome for prolonged usage and frequent wear. The center gemstone for this men's ring is picked by you, a glittering diamond is set on either side of the center oval stone. Custom crafted in 14k/18k white, yellow or pink gold. You can also order this ring in sterling silver - available in all ring sizes ... more

Popularly known as the 'big three' or the 'three giants', rubies, sapphires and emeralds are often seen in special occasion jewelry. However in our view point, gem and jewellery providers have not done enough to educate buyers about other natural gems that are equally impressive and often, carry lower price points than the big three. This is clearly seen in the case of many buyers who, presume that sapphire is the only natural blue gem and that, all sapphires are blue! It is therefore necessary to get acquainted with at least a dozen gems before you finalize your men's gemstone wedding ring. We will provide some useful information on this issue in this report. 

birthstone wedding ring for men gem

When picking a gemstone wedding ring for men, remember that picking your birthstone adds meaning and significance to the jewel. The MAN57 is available in gold or sterling silver, it is sturdy and can be crafted with all gem options. We can also handcraft a men's birthstone wedding ring with a design concept provided by you ... more

3 gemstone wedding band ring for men

A wedding ring for men with an active lifestyle, you want a ring that looks great and yet does not become difficult to wear and maintain. A multi gemstone wedding band, you could pick just one gem or mix and match gems based on your preference. The band width can be customized based on  gem size, accommodates 3 to 5 gems ... more

Men's Favorites: Based on over two decades of custom jewelry experience, here are gems that are most often requested for men's wedding rings. Blue sapphire would top this list, the color range of these gems could be medium blue to very dark blue. Sapphires and rubies are very tough and long lasting, so if you wish to get a gem based on it's toughness - check out if your budget can get you these gems. Black onyx or black agate and more recently black spinel are also popular. The preference for dark gems among men is well known, and black looks awesome in both white (gold or silver) and yellow (gold) metals. As men become more interested in the jewels that they wear, exotic gems like spessartite garnet and tanzanite are gaining in demand. Tourmalines with their entire spectrum color range, have shown a steep price increase in recent years. Generally, the request for men's wedding rings with tourmaline implies, green tourmaline. This is a deep green color very different from peridot or emerald. When we do get requests for men's rings with gems like - blue lapis, bloodstone or even carnelian, it is generally from buyers who believe in the special properties of gems. Our earnest efforts to generate interest in many fine natural gems, we have in a way helped increase interest in gems like London Blue Topaz and Iolite for men's wedding rings.

white gold gemstone men's wedding ring

Tanzanite a gem that is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Unlike diamonds which are mined in more than 25 locations across 12 nations - all the tanzanite in the world is found in just one narrow stretch of land in Tanzania. The right gemstone option for a men's wedding ring. Pick any design and request for it to be made with tanzanite ... more

mens white gold emerald wedding ring

Men's gemstone wedding band, built to last for generations. You could choose a single gem all around the band or consider combining 'his and her' birthstones in alternating positions. Available as a pink, white or yellow gold men's ring, also crafted in  925 silver with the same superior standards. Custom made in all ring sizes ... more

Birthstones: Said to have evolved from the 12 gems in the breast plate of Aaron, the tradition of birthstones has remained active for many centuries. It is believed that each of us has a gemstone that best 'works' for us, this gem is decided by the month in which we were born. There is no doubt that a mens gemstone wedding ring with a birthstone, would mean a lot to many of you. Or you could extend the concept of a birthstone wedding ring with, birthstones being exchanged in the rings. If you choose this option for your ring the gem, gets selected on it's own - the birthstones are more or less standardized and presented in the form of birthstone charts. However there are some months for which more than one gem is designated as the birthstone. For example a men's birthstone ring for November could hold a citrine or a yellow topaz gem - these days citrine is the more popular choice. Those born in December have an enticing ensemble of blues to choose from - turquoise, blue zircon and tanzanite. If you are interested in using the birthstone theme for your wedding ring, relate the design selection to the specific gem. This is important because gems like ruby (July birthstone), sapphire (September birthstone), emerald (May birthstone) and even Tanzanite (December birthstonee ) can be quite expensive as the gem size pushes beyond 2 to 2.5 carats.

big ring for men wedding

A lavish men's wedding ring with a colorful splash of gemstones. A center blue sapphire, a row of rubies and an outer row of white sapphires. You can order the multi gemstone wedding ring for men, with the gemstones of your choice. It is possible to customize this ring and have just one halo of gems around the center ... more.  

mens wedding ring birthstones and initials

A unique idea for a custom men's wedding ring. Consider including 'his and her' initials and 'his and her' birthstones in the ring. The initials are set over a piece of black onyx, no black enamel or plastic has been used. Your choice of yellow, white or pink gold - you could also go for a men's sterling silver wedding ring - in all ring sizes ... more

Long Lasting: This is one feature that needs some explaining and understanding. The basic truth is that, even the hardest gemstone cannot deliver a mens gemstone wedding ring that, can be put through rough usage. You might have heard that a diamond is the hardest stone (hardness rating 10 on a scale of 1 to 10) to be used in jewelry but, even this hard stone can break if stuck with physical force. Another fact is that, a number of other features like ring design, metal weight and gem mounting will also have a bearing on the durability of the ring. You therefore need to work with a skilled and reputed jeweller when purchasing your men's wedding ring. Each gemstone has it's specific characteristics including hardness and requirements for being cared for. Your jeweler can help you with information based on the specific gem that you choose for your wedding ring. You are also welcome to discuss your queries with our experts at even if, you do not wish to make the purchase from us. 

men's ruby wedding ring with diamonds

A white gold ruby gemstone and diamond wedding band for men. The ring is shown with a natural certified octagonal shaped ruby gem in the center. It also has a column of glittering natural diamonds on either side of the gem. Order the ring in gold or silver with your choice of gem. Wedding rings can also be crafted with your design ... more.  

gold or silver wedding  ring for men with gemstones

A classy wedding or engagement ring for men, handcrafted by skilled Thai artisans. The center and side gemstones can be selected by you and all gem combinations are possible. The wholesome metal weight ensures that, the ring with stay in shape for a very long time. Gold and silver rings have the same superior standards ... more

Metal Choice: The modern man is in a way very lucky, men's wedding rings today embrace some very unconventional options too. If you wish to stay in the precious metal category, gold, sterling silver and platinum would be the generally available options. Keep in mind that metals like stainless steel, tungsten and titanium and even premium brass alloys have been deployed by the jewelry industry. Unlike other custom jewelry producers who  push buyers to gold, Kaisilver gives equal respect, attention and quality levels to gold or 925 silver jewelry. When choosing a men's gold wedding ring make sure that you understand, the concept of 10k,14k and 18k gold. If you had to make 3 identical gem stone wedding rings for men in 10k, 14k and 18k gold - the 10k gold ring would have the hardest gold alloy, the 14k wedding ring would come second and an 18k men's ring would come third. We generally recommend 14k gold for men's jewelry as this gives you the best combination of gold content and metal hardness. 

Kaisilver Rings: In the remaining portion of this report, we will introduce you to a very select collection of men's gemstone rings that would be suitable for mens wedding rings. You can always email our knowledgeable support team at for any information that you need. At Kaisilver we can craft the ring of your choice based on your design or ours. We are fully equipped to procure and custom cut just about gemstone that you fancy. You can choose from gold or 925 silver for your requirements and can specify yellow, white or rose gold for gold jewellery orders.

kaisilver birthstone charts rings


A men's gemstone ring with tremendous meaning. The claddagh ring is backed by a 4 century old history, available in gold and silver with the gem of your choice. Fine craftsmanship and custom cut gem like always, an excellent choice for a men's wedding ring ... more. 


Known for thousands of years, emerald mens rings are not very common. We present a men's wedding ring concept with modestly sized emerald gems. A design that gives good protection to the gemstone, available in all sizes and once again crafted in gold or 925 silver ... more.


Sapphires and especially blue sapphire gems, have remained very popular for men's wedding rings. This gem is available in a range of colors and this allows you to customize the price point too. You can review our men's sapphire rings ... more. 


A mens ruby ring could be quite expensive but that does not keep away men who long for that very unique flavour for their wedding ring. Our section on ruby rings will give you more options. We can also custom make your own design ... more.