Men's Sapphire Wedding Rings

Sapphires have become very popular when it comes to wedding and engagement jewelry, this is true of men's wedding rings too. Many modern day style gurus attribute the popularity of sapphire wedding and engagement rings, to the British Royals. The media reports of the high profile affair and engagement between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the engagement was sealed with a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. Decades later, the son of Lady Diana (Prince Williams) gifted his fiancee with a similar diamond and sapphire ring, the jewel had the same gemstone that was once set in the ring worn by his mother. Sapphire has been known for centuries and has been highly sought after ever since then. The point is that the gemstone in a men's sapphire wedding ring has some ancient traditions and beliefs that, make it perfect for the occasion. The gem symbolizes fidelity, true love, honesty and loyalty - these are based on centuries old traditions and had little to do with the British.

men's gold wedding ring sapphire

A handsome 925 silver or gold blue sapphire ring for men. Built to last for decades,  this men's wedding ring can be ordered with pink, green, yellow or blue sapphire. Crafted by expert artisans in Thailand, the MAN135 ring has a natural certified sapphire gemstone ... more

sapphire wedding band for men

It is not always that men prefer large and broad wedding bands. The RG200N is a classic example of a modestly sized men's sapphire wedding band, a 7mm to 8mm width which is by no means tiny or dainty. A hefty weight in the 20 to 25 gram range. 14k/18k gold or 925 silver ... more

While there is little doubt that sapphires are very popular in men's wedding rings, the reasons for this trend are very interesting. Men do not fuss over the jewelry they wear, simply put they just do not take sufficient care of their rings etc. Considering the fact that a wedding ring would generally be worn for decades and even a lifetime, it is important for the jewel to be sturdy and durable. Just how tough a men's ring would be depends on a number of factors - gem toughness is one of them. Sapphire and ruby which both come from the same corundum mineral family, are the second toughest things to be formed by nature. Diamond is the hardest known natural substance on earth, sapphire comes a close second. Men love blue, red and black gemstones - the deeper colors shades are also preferred. Blue sapphire fits that description, it is found in a range of blue shades and has something to please every man. Little doubt that the gemstones in wedding and engagement rings, are also chosen based on their history and special 'properties' assigned to them. We will continue with that discussion in the paragraphs below. 

big wedding ring for men

A fair dose of glamour for this men's sapphire and ruby wedding ring. Leave conventions and custom aside and go for it if, it is something that you will be comfortable wearing. Crafted in Thailand by high end jewelry artisans, the ring is available in 14k or 18k gold and 925 silver ... more

sapphire wedding ring with oval blue sapphire

While sapphire wedding rings are generally seen in blue sapphire, Kaisilver provides the complete color spectrum of of the precious gem for your gold or silver wedding ring. Yellow, pink, green, blue, yellow and even purple are some of the sapphire colors that you can choose from ... more

Talking about customs, beliefs and traditions that make sapphires suited for wedding rings. Since ancient time sapphires have signified status and were often reserved for monarchs and aristocrats. The status element attached to the gemstone today, comes from its rarity and high price point. Crystal healers today associate sapphire with truth and sincerity which is similar to the concept of loyalty. When you talk about a wedding, it happens to be the most important relationship between two individuals. Love, truth and loyalty are at the heart of any personal relationship. Still on the issue of customs and practices related to gems,  we come to the topic of birthstones. The belief that there is a special gem connected to every zodiac sign was later transformed into the birthstone charts as we know them. A birthstone makes a special connect to the person who wears it and is therefore, ideally suited for a men's gemstone wedding ring. So men born in the month of September looking for a wedding ring, should seriously consider wearing a sapphire ring. The reason for the popularity of sapphire in wedding rings for men, is also based on the price tag of a good sapphire ring. We continue this discussion in the next paragraph. 

sapphire gemstone ring for men silver or gold

With your choice of gemstones, sapphire wedding ring for men is all about the significance and beauty of natural sapphire. You could have a blue sapphire in the center and flank with yellow sapphire on either side or switch those colors. All gem options and in all ring sizes ... more

yellow sapphire for mens rings

It was never known for centuries that, sapphires are naturally formed in colors other than blue. With gemology developing into a science, yellow, pink, white, green, purple and blue sapphires have been clearly identified. You can choose any of these colors for your wedding ring.  

It is interesting to see how the price factor of sapphire gemstone rings, makes jewelry buyers reserve it for a special occasion. While a sapphire wedding ring cannot be cheap, it is fair to say that you get excellent value for your money when you order a men's gemstone wedding ring from Kaisilver. Sapphires are expensive and generally cost upwards of $1,000 per carat, when the gem sizes is in the 2.5 to 4 carat range. Men's sapphire rings would generally be designed and crafted to accommodate a gem in that weight range. With Kaisilver procuring sapphires and other gems directly from miners, you will not be paying multiple commissions and broker charges. Simply put, you get a better quality gem at every price point as compared to what, our competitors provide. A team of expert gem selectors thoroughly checks each gem before it reaches our office. We add another level of thoroughness but, getting each gem tested for authenticity by an independent testing office. While you might not notice these efforts, they are put in place to safeguard your interest. Combine this with the fact that Kaisilver men's rings have a metal (gold or silver) weight that is at least, 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide - you get a ring that is well worth your investment. You would now understand why our price tags are reasonable but,  we do understand that budget for casual or everyday wear jewelry might not accommodate these rings. This is precisely why,  men's sapphire rings are quite often ordered as wedding rings - this is the case when budget assigned are generally more substantial.

white gold sapphire ring for men

A majestic men's sapphire wedding band, a white gold ring that is also crafted in yellow or pink gold. All sapphire colors and also available with the same superior standards in 925 silver. A solid (gold or silver) band, a natural certified sapphire - refining your style statement ... more.

sapphire diamond wedding ring for men

Two stalwarts from the sparkling world of gemstones, two layers of luxury packed into this stunning men's gemstone wedding ring. A blue sapphire in the center is surrounded by a layer of glittering diamonds. With fine workmanship that has impressed 12,000 clients in 15 nations ... more

 We now talk about the most important factor related to men's sapphire rings - interestingly it is this very topic that most jewelers would never mention. We did briefly mention durability above and said that, it is provided by a combination of factors. No doubt that the durability of your men's wedding ring is something that the jeweler should take care about but, you would have no way of evaluating the fine features of your ring if you never knew what exactly to look for. Metal weight is one of the most important features that, will influence how durable your sapphire ring is. At a time when jewelers seem to be competing with each other to develop, light weight and skimpy jewels - this is the point that you should focus on. Men's rings should never weigh less than 20 grams, larger sizes and bigger ring dimensions can push that to 35 or even 40 grams. Kaisilver rings typically weigh around. 40% to 50% more than what other jewelers provide. Ensuring that the design of each sapphire wedding ring for men is built to be durable, we have a team researching every single aspect of the jewel. Notice how the gemstone in the men's wedding rings shown on this web page, is mounted with metal overlapping the entire border. This is technically referred to as a bezel mount and experts agree that, it is the best way to keep the gem safe and secure. Prong settings tend to catch in pockets and other places, this causes them gradually open up and loosen the gem. You might be surprised if we told you that, the gem in a men's sapphire ring can often have a cost component that exceeds that of the metal! There is a sentimental feeling attached to wedding rings, you just don't want to seem them damaged or go through extensive repairs. 

 Sapphire Wedding Rings, Essentials:

  • Sapphires have for many centuries symbolized love, honesty and loyalty.
  • Science has proved the existence of a range of sapphire colors, blue is just one of them. 
  • Sapphires are expensive, prices per carat move up sharply as the size of the gemstone increases. 
  • A 2 to 3 carat (9x7mm to 10x8mm) sapphire gem gives a good balance between price and size. 
  • Kaisilver offers white, yellow, green, orange and blue sapphires for men's sapphire wedding rings.
  • We provide medium and good grade sapphire gemstone options for your wedding ring. 
  • A custom made men's wedding ring with sapphire, can include all your preferences.
  • Our gold and sterling silver wedding rings for men are crafted with the same quality standards.  
  • You can specify the design and gems when ordering a custom men's sapphire ring from Kaisilver.
  • Besides looking good and majestic, your sapphire wedding ring should also be tough and long lasting. 
  • Sapphires are hard and durable gems but, the durability of a ring is dependent on other factors too. 
  • Most sapphires are heated to improve color and clarity, other types of treatments need to be studied. 
  • Men's wedding rings with sapphire from Kaisilver use natural, heated sapphire gems. 
  • We can provide lab created sapphires and natural diffused and fissure filled sapphires on request. 

How To Buy: If you are looking for a men's gemstone wedding ring with sapphire or any other gem, or wish to buy any other jewel in gold or silver - we would suggest that you discuss your requirements with our experts at We will be glad to help even if you plan to buy nothing from us. Each item shown on this web page has a link to a complete report, you can review information related to gem and metal  options, pricing and other features. We can also craft a jewel with design sketches or images provided by you. Review the Kaisilver Men's Ring Collection and get a clearer idea of what you should pick. 

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