Men's Wedding Ring With Sapphire

There is no denying the high popularity of men's sapphire rings, specific features of the gemstone also make it very suitable for men's wedding rings. In this report we talk about men's sapphire rings, though images might refer to blue sapphires, it is now scientifically proven that sapphires come in a dazzling array of colors. Traditionally sapphire has been attributed with some very interesting qualities, some of these symbolize a successful married and family like too. Sapphire was always associated with truth, loyalty and true love - a marriage can really not survive without these three basic elements. When you wear a sapphire men's wedding ring, you present yourself as a trustworthy and reliable person. Sapphire is also very rare, historically it was associated with royalty and aristocracy. The British Royals have continued to keep alive the tradition of sapphire as an important gemstone. In recent years it was Prince Charles who tied the knot with Lady Diana Spencer, with a gorgeous Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring. A few decades later the large sapphire in the ring became an heirloom gem. Prince Williams the son of the late Lady Diana, remade a ring for his beloved with the same sapphire gem. The ring was worn by Kate Middleton and the couple were married a short while later. 

sapphire wedding ring for men
men's sapphire wedding band

While folklore and ancient traditions helped link sapphire to a matrimonial alliance, there is another factual piece of information that works in favor of the gem too. A men's sapphire wedding ring if designed and crafted well with sufficient metal weight will be easy to maintain. The gem is hard and durable and will keep its form and condition for years and decades. Before jumping to conclusions it is necessary to understand that, the durability of your sapphire men's wedding ring will not depend just on the hardness of the gem. It is therefore safer to pick your men's wedding ring from a custom jewelry provider who, is willing to explain and clarify all related information.

sapphure wedding ring for men
men's wedding ring sapphire

One of the most confusing issues about sapphires relates to the treatments applied to the gemstone. If we told you that a men's silver or gold sapphire ring from Kaisilver would have a heated natural sapphire gem, you might be confused or disinterested with that piece of information. But the truth is that, almost all sapphire gems are treated in one way or the other. The most accepted sapphire treatment that is stable, accepted and does not compromise the durability or value of the gem is, the heat treatment process. Other forms of sapphire treatment like diffusion or fissure filling reduce the value of the gem, this even if the gem finally appears prettier than a simple heat treated sapphire. Fissure filled sapphires have a low value and can be even 100 times or more, cheaper per carat as compared to sapphires that have been heated. A fissure filled sapphire makes significant compromise in terms of gem toughness. Kaisilver jewelry is completely custom made, we are therefore in a position to accommodate all design modification requests. You could for example, request for a men's gold or silver sapphire gemstone ring with just the center gem and no gems on the sides. We can also make your ring based on a design concept provided by you. The side gems in the ring can be picked by you, some suggestions would be ruby, yellow sapphire, white sapphire or even green tourmaline gems.

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Despite the fact that diamonds are largely giving way to rare and exotic gems in wedding and engagement jewelry, many couples wish to retain some elements of glitter in their special rings. This explains why high end jewelry crafters like Kaisilver, get a significant number of orders for sapphire and diamond wedding rings every season. If you plan to invest a men's sapphire diamond wedding ring, make sure that the jewel has a well researched design. The main attention should be on the sapphire, the diamonds can play their part on the sidelines. If all you wish is to have that diamond look without, being very particular about the stones being diamonds, request for a price quote on white sapphires instead. Doing this will basically move a bigger portion of the cost component to the sapphire gem. The advantage of a custom sapphire diamond men's ring is that, you are not limited to any specific design, dimensions or gemstone. Kaisilver provides a high degree of customization that, few other jewelers can match. You could even send us your own design sketch or image for the men's diamond and sapphire ring. The diamonds in the ring can be replaced with gems of your choice, you could even request for a design modification where the diamonds are left out of the design. Another interesting option would be to go for a 10x8mm oval sapphire, instead of the 9x7mm gem shown in the image.

blue sapphire gemstone
yellow sapphire gemstone

Sapphire Essential Information:

  • Sapphires can be natural or lab created, at Kaisilver we provide custom cut natural sapphire gems.
  • You can request for white, blue, yellow, orange or pink sapphire for your men's wedding ring. 
  • Sapphire are sturdy and tough gems by nature, certain treatments can weaken a sapphire gem. 
  • Durability of sapphire jewelry depends on a number of features, not just on gemstone toughness. 
  • Natural sapphires are rare and expensive, larger sizes have a premium per carat price. 
  • Sapphires are heated to enhance their beauty, color and clarity, this is an accepted form of treatment. 
  • Simple heat treatment for sapphires, does not compromise their value or durability. 
  • Diffusion treated sapphires can appear prettier but, are valued much less than heated sapphires.
  • Fissure filled sapphires look gorgeous and are inexpensive, these gems compromise on durability.
  • We provide AIGS or GIA gem authenticity certificates for all gemstone, for a fee on request. 

Kaisilver Sapphire Rings For Men:

  • Quality of workmanship and gems remains the same for Kaisilver gold or silver sapphire men's rings.
  • Sapphire wedding rings are custom made with your design or ours, you can send us your images.  
  • Pick 10k, 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold for your custom sapphire gemstone ring for men.  
  • Since plating on silver will wear off, we recommend no plating for 925 silver men's sapphire rings. 
  • We provide options for blue, white, green, yellow, orange and pink sapphire gemstones. 
  • Since each ring is made to order, all design modification requests can be accommodated. 
  • While sapphires gemstones are hard and sturdy, ring durability depends on a number of factors. 
  • Our sapphire rings generally weigh around 40-60% more than what other jewelers provide. 
  • Good metal weight, advanced design features and skilled workmanship enhance long term durability. 
  • Both gold and 925 sterling silver wedding rings for men can be ordered in all ring sizes. 
  • Kaisilver sapphire gemstones are natural, handpicked, custom cut and heated. 
  • We provide pricing options for medium grade and good grade natural sapphire gems. 
  • You can request for an AIGS or GIA gem authentication report for your sapphire wedding ring. 

Buying Kaisilver Jewelry: We encourage an interaction with all our website visitors, clients and prospective clients. There is an important element of 'personal touch' that has been taken out of the gem and jewelry buying experience, we strive to keep it alive. We can craft just about any jewel in gold or 925 silver with the design and gemstones of your choice, your selection is not limited to what you see on our website. Our skilled artisans are well versed with every style and concept, our gem experts can source and custom cut any gem from any part of the globe. With quality standards that many other jewelers are still trying to achieve, we look forward to have the opportunity to serve you in the near future. You can send in your questions or requirements including, your own design images or sketches to our experts at They will be glad to give you advice and suggestions without, pushing you to confirm a purchase. 

We cover the entire spectrum of sapphire colors, your men's sapphire wedding ring in silver or gold can be ordered with, a white, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink or purple sapphire gemstone. 

TestimonialsTHANK YOU !!! I am SO very pleased with the quality, beauty and extremely reasonable cost the ring I puchased for my fiance. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I am a busy woman, which made dealing with your company so conveinient for me. Your correspondence was greatly appreciated, and I must say, people who see the man04 ring are dazzled by it's beauty. You have a lifetime customer. Please let me know where I can post my allcolades to you on the website! God bless all of you! ... Pamela Adams U.S.A.

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