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What To Look For In Men's Wedding Bands 

Considering the fact that mens wedding rings were not very popular a few decades ago, the rapid rise in demand for mens wedding bands is very impressive. It is quite true that simple wedding bands are the most preferred choice for mens band rings but, a substantial number of such rings are also produced with gems and diamonds. While most of us know what design we like when it comes to choosing jewelry, few buyers are aware of what really makes a good mens wedding band. In this section we discuss issues related to wedding band rings for men. We will keep the sales sermon away as the objective is not to sell you a ring but rather to guide you in choosing the right ring. No other jeweler would care to provide such useful and essential information, most jewelers would push you to make a hasty decision based on incomplete or incorrect information.

sapphire wedding band
men's gemstone band ring

Silver mens wedding bands : A sterling silver wedding band for men would surely be much cheaper than a similar wedding band in gold. However many men prefer silver wedding bands for their simple and classic appearance too. Though most jewelers do not give much care and attention when producing silver wedding bands, technically there is no reason why a men's 925 silver wedding band cannot have the same quality as a gold wedding band. You could have a plain sterling silver wedding band or include gems and diamonds in the jewel. One issue that comes to mind about silver rings is that of silver tarnish, this is something that happens to all silver ware and includes silver jewelry. There are anti-tarnish suggestions made by jewelers, they involve plating a mens silver wedding band with rhodium, gold or even platinum. The protective layer that these platings form on the silver wedding band are temporary and they will soon come off. The wear off does not happen uniformly all over the ring, expect to see ugly patches as the plating wears off. For this reason we would suggest that you choose an unplated 925 sterling wedding band for men. Readymade solutions are available to polish tarnished silver jewelry. You can also occassionally wipe your silver wedding band with a soft moist cloth, this will reduce the chances of tarnish occuring on the ring. Another interesting idea is to choose a classic antique style design for your mens silver wedding band ring, such a ring would look even more classic when slight tarnish sets in.

diamond ruby wedding band for men
diamond wedding band for men

Gold wedding band for men: It is true that many more jewelers sell mens gold wedding bands as compared to silver bands. The main reason for this is that mens gold bands give jewelers a heftier profit margin as compared to silver mens wedding bands. When you think of a yellow or white gold wedding band for men, you should know that current gold prices would not allow you to get a good quality ring at a cheap price. It is often believed that white gold is weaker (softer) than yellow gold, this is not true so go by your personal preference. There is another feature of gold that needs to be explained, this relates to gold karatage. Since gold in it's pure form is not hard enough to make jewelry, alloys are added to the metal to increase hardness. The proportion of alloy to gold is described in terms of gold karatage. 14k gold would have more alloy content as compared to 18k gold. Similarly 22k gold would have more gold content as compared to 18k gold. The more the alloy content the harder the resulting gold alloy. So 14k mens wedding bands would be harder than similar band rings made in 18k gold. It might be a good idea to choose a 14k wedding ring as the hardness will ensure that the ring retains shape for a long time to come. We just mentioned about yellow or white gold wedding bands for men, there is one more interesting option that you could consider. A unique two tone gold wedding band ring could be created, such a ring would include both yellow and white gold. We have discussed the issue of metal weight below but a quick note here, jewelers are more likely to compromise on metal weight when it comes to mens gold wedding bands.

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Healthy metal weight: You could expect mens rings to be much larger as compared to lady's rings. It is necessary for your wedding band ring to have a metal weight that is proportionate to the ring size and dimensions. The ideal weight for your silver or gold men's wedding band would depend on the design, size and band width of the ring. But keep in mind that, a mens ring with a weight that is less than 15 to 18 grams is underweight. Such rings could show durability problems after a few months or years. Denting, bending and deforming are common problems with jewelry that has insufficient metal weight. Another problem that could come up in diamond or gem stone wedding bands with low weight is, the bad mounting of the stones. The stones can loosen and drop off the mounting. If you find that a good sturdy gold wedding band is out of your budget, consider going for a sterling silver wedding band instead. Keep away from jewelers who stock standard readymade mens wedding bands. These jewelers do a hurried resize and ship overnight to buyers. The issue that a larger ring needs more metal weight and not just a ring resize is conveniently forgotten.

wedding band for men
wedding band for men

Band width for mens wedding bands: The band width is something that would depend on ring size and ofcourse personal prefernce. In general it is believed that a mens wedding band ring should have a band width of at least 7mm. We have seen wedding bands for men with a width that is as high as 1.2cm (12mm). If you were looking at a size 8 mens ring, a band width of around 7mm would be fine. But the same 7mm band width might apear tiny for a wedding band that is a size 11 or 12. Besides ring size, metal weight should also be considered when talking about band width. If you had a ring with a band width of 7mm and a weight of 15 grams, trying to make the same ring with a band width of 10mm and retain the weight could cause problems. This is because spreading the same gold weight to a bigger surface would mean that, the metal thickness is reduced. Since the weight, ring size and dimension need to be balanced a custom mens wedding band would be your best choice.

Gems and diamonds: Plain wedding bands are popular with men, probably because they prefer to wear simple jewels without much flash or glitter. However there are many men who prefer to have wedding bands that are studded with gems or diamonds. The gem in a wedding band could be decided based on color preference or tradition. Getting a birth stone wedding band ring is supposed to add meaning to the jewel. If you have a color preference for the gem stone in your mens wedding band, discuss the requirement with your jeweler. This is because many gems could have similar color, you can then work on your budget and the durability of each of these gem options. Pricing of gems is a bit confusing if you do not understand it. Some gems are considered to be 'large' when the size goes beyond 1.5 to 2 carats, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite would fall in this category. For wedding bands with gems like, blue topaz, red garnet, amethyst, agate, carnelian etc you can get a gem that is as large as 10 carats at a modest price. Mens diamond wedding bands are best regarded as a separate group of wedding bands. A researched and innovative design and construction, is required to create diamond wedding bands that look good and are also durable. Beware of fake gems or man made junk that, are given confusing names and descriptions. Check out for a reliable jeweler before making a buying decision. Most jewelers are under immense pressure to get orders, they therefore push buyers to make a decision without explaining all issues and options.

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Plain wedding bands for men: We spoke about gem stone or diamond wedding bands for men, there is another design concept for wedding bands that leaves out gems and diamonds from the ring. Such rings are referred to as plain wedding bands. It is the simplicity of both gold and sterling silver plain wedding bands that makes them very popular. While such wedding bands would not involve issues related to gemstones, you should ensure that band width and metal weight details are as explained above. It might seem that a plain wedding band would appear mundane and boring but, it really need not be that way. Different finishings like dull, sandblasted or high polish can be used to add interest to plains mens wedding bands. You could also combine finishes in a single band ring. Inscriptions like text, symbols or even digits can be placed around a plain wedding band. For example, a row of elephants, musical note symbols or a meaningful text message can be shown on top of a plain wedding band. When considering a pair of wedding bands for the couple, plain wedding bands make it possible to have the same design concept for both rings. The dimensions for the husbands and wife's ring can be adapted according to ring size and preference. A very unique type of plain wedding band could be made where a single cross is cut into or raised above the surface of the ring. Your options and flexibility obviously increases when you choose a custom made plain wedding band.

Custom made wedding bands: Given the fact that there are many readymade wedding bands sold in stores, the benefits of a custom made mens wedding band might not be immediately apparent. However, there are some clear and solid advantages that made to order wedding bands provide. You could see a diamond wedding band that you like but find the price tag to be too high. A custom wedding band could be made with the same design and probably smaller diamonds or diamonds of a slightly lower grade. You can infact have the wedding band made with gems instead of diamonds. Another very interesting benefit provided by a true custom made mens wedding band is the choice of metal. Few readymade jewelry stores offer good quality 925 silver wedding bands. A made to order ring can have the metal of your choice, this allows you to tailor your wedding ring to your budget. Choose the right jeweler and you can rest assured that, the ring would have better durability as compared to a readymade jewel. A custom ring need not please mass markets, metal weight can be made proportionate to the design and dimensions of the specific ring. You do not buy wedding rings very often, so make sure that you get it right the first time. There is more scope for skilled craftsmanship to work on custom made rings, this allows every detail to be taken care of. Just remember that made to order rings take time to complete, you should therefore start the searching, evaluating and order process well in advance. The high degree of customization provided by made to order jewelry makes it worth the wait.

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