Jade Wedding Ring For Men

Men's wedding rings are fast becoming an important accessory for married men. Buyers today give high importance to quality workmanship, gem selection, design and toughness when choosing a wedding ring for a man. The thought that there can be no wedding or engagement ring without diamonds, has now lost its significance. You can choose just about any design and gemstone for a wedding ring today, maturity prevails and couples realize that the meaning is in the symbolism of the important event and not the ring. So the question of whether, you can wear a men's green jade wedding ring should not arise at all.  What  we are going to discuss about in this Jade Wedding Ring For Men report, is about what you should look for when choosing a men's jade ring in gold or 925 silver. The name jade covers two gems namely nephrite and jadeite. Though it was nephrite jade that first attracted human interest thousands of years ago, gem lovers today give a higher preference to jadeite jade. Even the Chinese who have held jade in high esteem for more than 6,000 years, first came to know about jadeite from Burma less than four centuries ago. 

There is just one commercially viable source for jadeite jade, it is in the unsafe and remotely situated part of northern Myanmar (Burma). In today's gem markets, the finest Burmese jadeite which is also referred to as Imperial Jade, commands prices as high as 3,000 U.S$ per carat. A men's jade wedding ring with such a high quality jadeite, would be just too expensive. Couples today take a more practical view of life and realize that, there are many more essential things that can be accomplished with that sort of money. Kaisilver specializes in crafting jadeite jewelry with moderately priced jadeite gems from Burma, all the gems are natural and not man made. We source jadeite from very near the mining operations, this allows us to pick modestly priced jadeite that offers good value for the price paid. This however does not mean that, we cannot fulfill the requirements for a high priced men's jadeite ring - our direct sourcing gives us first access to good deals at all price ranges. You can always email our support experts with specific details of your requirements. 

Most of our clients request for gold and sterling silver men's jadeite rings in the 400 U.S$ to 2,500 U.S$ price range. Demand is always high since, we provide quality workmanship and good metal weight for both, gold and silver men's jadeite jade wedding rings. All jewelry at Kaisilver is custom made so, you choose the metal (gold or silver), design and gemstones for your jewelry. The design can be picked from our collection or provided by you. Let us highlight the main features of our Men's Jade Wedding Rings, this would also give you a good idea of what to look for when choosing a men's jade ring. 

Kaisilver Men's Jade Wedding Ring Highlights:

  • All men's jade ring custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver, available in all ring sizes. 
  • The design for your jade wedding ring can be yours or ours. 
  • Superior workmanship and handpicked gems provided for both gold and silver jade rings. 
  • The men's gold wedding ring with jade, can be ordered in 10k, 14k or 18k gold. 
  • We recommend that 925 silver men's jade rings be left un-plated. 
  • All jadeite gems used are natural and not man made imitations.
  • You can choose from moderately priced, untreated or dyed (treated) jadeite gems. 
  • Contact our support team if you require high priced, fine quality jadeite. 
  • Equal emphasis is given to external appearance and long term durability. 
  • We provide good metal weight for gold and silver jade wedding rings for men. 

Jade, History And Tradition: The name 'jade' is derived from a Spanish term that related it to the human kidney. Crystal healers even today suggest that, wearing jade helps take care of ailments related to the kidneys. It was the Chinese who began their sincere affair with jade around 6,000 years ago, locally mined nephrite jade was the center of respect and adoration. The Chinese referred to jade as 'yu' that meant something like, 'precious stone' or 'royal gem'.  It was only in the last 300-400 years that the beauty and grace of Burmese jadeite jade touched Chinese soil and since then, it has become one of the most sought after gemstones in the nation. In China, jade is believed to connect the physical body to the spiritual realm of life, it symbolizes love, loyalty and truth. The extravagantly priced gemstone can often match the per carat price of diamonds. 

The U.S and much of Europe wore jade for its beauty, the remoteness and inaccessibility of the Burmese jade mines in Northern Myanmar, adds a touch of mystery to the gemstone. Much of the jade that reaches these markets is moderately priced and dyed (treated) jade is widely accepted. Kaisilver is one of the very few online high end custom made jewelry providers, to offer modestly priced natural jadeite in untreated and dyed (treated) form. We make a clear disclosure of the treatment if any, for ever piece of jade that we use in our jewelry. 

Kaisilver: As the leading online custom made jewelry provider, we craft all types of fine jewelry in gold and sterling silver. We place no limitation on your choice of design and gemstones, you can email us your own design concepts to be custom made. Review our Men's Jade Ring Collection and get some design inspiration for your own ring. You could also go through the entire men's ring collection and request for any of the designs, to be crafted in gold or silver with jade or any gem of your choice. Let us know if you have budgeted for a high quality men's jadeite jade ring with, a top quality Imperial Jade gemstone. Our team will discuss your requirements and provide more details about the gem and pricing options. Email our experts at sales@kaisilver.com with questions or requirements that you might have. You need not make any purchase from us to get the benefit of your expertise, so do go ahead and contact us. 

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Jade embedded rock, this is the natural way in which jadeite is found. Miners expect buyers to buy these pieces of rough Burmese jade without being able to estimate the quantity or quality of jadeite that can be finally recovered.