Men's Wedding Ring With Tanzanite 

You could describe tanzanite as an exotic gem, you could refer to it as the master of style. Tanzanite is one of the last sensational gemstones to enter the gemstone world. Scientists know for sure that this stone was formed and hidden under the earths surface, for at least a few million years. That is about the time that gems like ruby, sapphire and emerald would have been formed. The three gems just named have been known for centuries or even a few thousand years but, tanzanite was first discovered by humans only in 1967. 

tanzanite diamond mens ring
custom men's tanzanite ring

A men's tanzanite wedding ring is bound to make an exclusive style statement. You would be surprised to know that all the tanzanite in the world, comes from one small patch of land in Tanzania. The sheer rarity of the gem has kept it out of most jewelry houses, with the limited supply expect it to keep getting rarer. At a time when diamonds are becoming optional and not a must have in wedding jewelry, unique colored gems like tanzanite are highly sought after. Kaisilver can custom make a silver or gold men's tanzanite ring for you but, yellow gold has always been the desired metal for this Tanzanian beauty. Having said that, there is no reason why you could not choose a white or even a pink gold Tanzanite wedding ring if that is what you prefer. 

Since very big tanzanite gems can command a stiff price per carat, it is a good idea to choose a men's tanzanite ring with a 2 to 3 carat gemstone. If you long for that glitter element in your wedding ring, go for a sprinkle of sparkling diamonds. It is not uncommon for men to prefer tanzanite wedding rings that have diamonds set down the sides of the ring. It is all about personal preference and budget allocation. Kaisilver men's rings are designed with a focus on long term wear, we do not make flimsy light weight jewels just to impress you with friendly price tags. 

men's tanzanite wedding ring
wedding ring for men tanzanite

Many jewelry buyers look for the diamond element in their jewels because, they realize that diamonds are rare and hard to find. As you look around for your men's tanzanite wedding ring, you will be thrilled to known one important fact. Most experts agree that tanzanite is rarer than diamond. To put it more objectively, the gemstone in a men's tanzanite ring would be around 1,000 times rarer than diamond. 

Our Tanzanite Ring Highlights:

  • All tanzanite gems are procured directly from miners, we custom cut every single gem.
  • Tanzanite gemstone authentication certificates can be provided on request.
  • You men's tanzanite wedding ring can be crafted with your design or ours. 
  • Gold and 925 silver tanzanite rings for men have the same quality standards.
  • All Kaisilver jewelry focuses equally on appearance and long term durability. 
  • You tanzanite wedding ring has its metal weight optimized for its dimensions. 
  • Each men's tanzanite ring is custom made, all ring size requests can be accommodated. 

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