Wedding Band Pair

Choosing Matching Wedding Bands 

Wedding bands have been worn for many centuries, they are jewels with special meaning and significance. The concept of a wedding band pair takes this meaning a step further. Many experts believe that a pair of matching wedding bands help to strengthen the personal bond between the couple. It is not the price of the wedding band pair that matters, a gold or silver pair of wedding bands would therefore be equally meaningful. It has been rightly said that, half the significance of matching wedding bands is in the design, the other half lies in the minds and hearts of the couple that wears them. In this page, we try to cover the issue of wedding bands for him and her from, both angles. We look at the technical aspects that are relevant to your pair of wedding bands and also discuss the deeper meaning of such rings.

Essential Features Of A Wedding Band Pair.

The information that we provide here is relevant to all types of matching wedding bands. You could get a pair of plain wedding bands or choose to have them studded with gems or diamonds. The choice of gold or silver wedding band pairs could be made based on, personal preference or budgetary considerations. Etchings in his and hers wedding bands are often used to add further meaning to wedding rings. We will discuss these and other issues in the following paragraphs. The information is interesting and straightforward, it is also rare as, most jewelers would not bother to provide such detailed information.

Importance of design: The design of a wedding pair does more than enhance the external appearance of the jewels. Ideally, the design effort would include inputs from the production team, gemstone experts and fashion advisers. Remember that the dimensions, gemstone or diamond mounting and overall design structure of your gold or silver pair of wedding bands, influences not only the beauty of the rings but also their longterm durability. Kaisilver wedding bands and other jewelry designs are researched by a team of experts before being released for buyers to choose. Unfortunately this is not how most jewelers work, copying of designs and mass producing them is considered to be much easier and more profitable. This attitude does not keep buyer interests in mind.

Proportion of dimensions and weight: A pair of light wedding bands might be cheaper, buyers are often impressed by the 'delicate' and 'fine' work of wedding bands that are made with small amounts of metal. The truth is that your pair of wedding bands should be strong and sturdy to last a long time. The foundation of a sturdy wedding band set would be a healthy metal weight. This does not mean that the rings should appear thick and bulky. Good design and good craftsmanship will ensure that the metal provides support from the corners and insides that, do not affect the external appearance of the ring. The band width and ring size of a wedding band pair are the two dimensions, that will be relevant to assess metal weight requirement. Two rings with the same band width but different ring sizes cannot be made with the same gold weight. This would mean that the larger ring will have thinner metal thickness, such a ring will bend and dent more easily. Since every wedding band pair from Kaisilver is fully custom made, features like metal weight are calculated with reference to ring dimensions in every single case. Lack of sufficient metal weight might also force flimsy mounting and thin delicate prongs for mounting gemstones and diamonds in a pair of wedding bands.

Choice of metal: It is important to understand the reasons and effects, of choosing gold or silver for your wedding band pair. Not all buyers prefer silver wedding bands just because silver is cheaper than gold. Sterling silver jewelry has a fairly large following and buyers adore it's classic look. Remember that the meaning of your wedding band pair does not increase if you decide to have the rings made in gold. If you decide to shop for a pair of gold wedding bands on a limited budget, you might have to settle for a pair of low weight bands. The problems of compromising on metal weight have been discussed in the above paragraph. In such a case, it is better to consider a pair of sturdy and well crafted sterling silver wedding bands. Choose a design that has a classic or antique theme, such a wedding band pair would look awesome in sterling silver. You should know that all silver jewelry will tarnish, however occasional cleaning will get rid of such tarnish. Do not fall for gimmicks of 'anti tarnish' treatments for your silver wedding bands. All treatments on silver will wear off after a while. If you choose a gold wedding band pair, consider the fact that 14k gold is harder than 18k gold. This does mean that a 14k wedding band set would be sturdier than a similar set made in 18k gold. The choice between yellow or white gold wedding band pairs, would be based on your personal likes and dislikes.

Good craftsmanship: A pair of well crafted wedding bands will give you more benefits than just good looks. Sturdy mounting of gemstones and diamonds, good finishing without sharp and jagged edges influence the overall durability of your ring. Most jewelers offer good craftsmanship only for gold wedding bands, there is no technical justification for this. The choice of a gold or silver wedding band pair is your decision, you have a right to expect good quality material and craftsmanship for both metal options. Most jewelers work with a just a handful of craftsmen, this limits the skills and attention that is put into making each wedding band set. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans work on all Kaisilver jewelry, this includes gemstone cutters, casters, polishers, wax mould making specialists and expert gemstone and diamond setters. You can therefore rest assured that your wedding band pair is in the best hands no matter what design, metal or other options you choose.

Choosing diamonds and gems: It is possible to increase the beauty and meaning of a wedding band pair by including gemstones or diamonds in the rings. Mankind has believed in the properties and significance of gemstones for many centuries. The most popular belief regarding gems is the concept of birthstones. This explains the popularity of gold and silver wedding band pairs with birthstones, the exchanging of birthstones in wedding rings has been a recent trend. Remember that the gemstones in a pair of wedding bands might differ, it is only the design concept that is retained for both rings. It is ofcourse possible for the couple to include gemstones that match their color preference. Diamonds can be expensive but it is possible to order a pair of diamond wedding bands with diamonds of medium grade. Do not go for the junk diamonds that appear cloudy and dull to the naked eye. But there is no need to over shoot your budget with the best quality either. If you are considering a pair of yellow or white gold wedding bands with gemstones or diamonds, make sure that the mounting for the stones is firm. Loose gems or diamonds could fall off, this can result in expensive repairs. It is quite possible that the stones in your wedding band pair could have a value that exceeds the value of gold in your rings.

Personalisation: This is one of the most important feature for all special occasion rings. The highest degree of personalisation can be provided by a pair of custom wedding bands. True customization would mean that you could choose the design, metal, gemstone and dimensions for your wedding band pair. You might love a pair of matching bands with diamonds, but the price tag could be beyond your budget. A good idea would be to replace the diamond with a genuine natural white zircon, this would allow you to retain the design element but considerably lower the price tag. A pair of matching sapphire wedding bands might become more affordable if, the gemstones were replaced with deep blue topaz or blue spinel. However, do not expect a jeweler working with readymade wedding bands to do these things for you. You will need to work with a reputed custom jeweler who has full access to all production facilities, including gemstone sourcing, gemstone cutting, mould making and skilled craftsmen. Make sure that you get complete customization of a pair of gold or sterling silver wedding bands.

You should know that the above features are necessary to get a pair of good looking and long lasting wedding bands. With a little bit of patience and planning, you can get wedding bands that meet your expectations and include all your preferences. A wedding is a very special occassion, work with a jeweler who understands this. It is impossible to get a good price, good merchandise and good service from a jeweler who only worries about his profit margin. Evaluate your jeweler and become of aware of the resources that he has at his disposal. Do this even before glancing through his wedding band collection. Most buyers rush to order their wedding band pair in the last moment, emphasis is given only to external appearance and prices. Jewelers are aware of this and reap the benefits of such hasty decisions.

Significance Of Matching Wedding Bands.

There are some very important reasons for wearing a pair of matching wedding bands. Firstly, they help strengthen the feeling of togetherness that is so very essential in married life. A pair of silver or gold wedding bands that are etched with names or initials of the couple help, create a feeling of closeness, this is possible even when the couple is infact geographically wide apart. Exchanging birthstones in matching wedding bands has the same effect and is a popular option among members of the armed forces. Armed forces personnel are often called to be away from home for long durations and under difficult and dangerous conditions. Every couple attaches a special meaning to their wedding bands, these are jewels with a value that far exceeds the metal or stones that go into making them. In many cases wedding bands are heavily cared for and protected, this allows them to be passed on from generation to generation. 

Design Suggestions For Wedding Bands

The best part of working with Kaisilver for your wedding band pair is that, you are never restricted in your choice. We do not expect you to choose from a standard collection of wedding bands. The design for your pair of wedding bands can be fully described by you. It is also possible to start of with a design concept from our collection or, to work with your images or sketches. You can then request for design changes, gemstone selection, ring dimensions etc to be done according to your preference. As an example, you could choose the RG230 wedding band design and then request for, a diamond to be set in the center of the ring. Similarly, the design for the RG210 wedding band ring can be retained while, the diamond is replaced with any other gemstone of your choice. The mind boggling number of variations possible does increase the work of our customer support staff, but we are glad to provide all information and guidance necessary for you to make the right decision. The attention and care that you get remains the same for a pair of gold or silver wedding bands. 

Select the gemstone of your choice, choose a gemstone size of around, 5mm to 6mm for the lady's wedding band and upto 8mm for the men's wedding band. The researched design of the MAN05 wedding band ring, will give you an impressive pair of wedding bands. It is also possible to have the entire center gem stone bordered with gold. click   for full details. With many prominent celebrities opting for wedding rings with colored gems over diamonds, your choice of stones for these special rings has just widened immensely. Request for a tapering or uniform band width for your wedding band pair, custom made in gold or sterling silver. An elegant stylish design concept lavished with hand cut gems and fine craftsmanship. 

A sleek and stylish pair of diamond wedding bands. One of the very few attractive affordable diamond wedding bands ever designed. A choice of diamond grades allows you to work within your budget. Sturdy metal band with a very firmly mounted diamond or gemstone. Good protection for the center stone, adds reliability to this matching wedding band set. click   for full details.  And if you wish to follow the growing trend for colored gemstone in your wedding band, trust Kaisilver to spoil you with any choice of gemstone. A good way to wear a loving pair of birthstone wedding bands. Customization allows you to select different band width for his and her rings.

A pair of princess wedding bands give you excellent scope for personalization. The band width of such a wedding band can be designed to match the gemstone or diamond size. The fact that such rings are suitable for men and ladies make them perfect for wedding band pairs. As always, available in yellow or white gold, options for sterling silver also exist. click   for full details. You could add more meaning to such wedding band pairs by choosing a suitable etching that could be done inside the band. This is one jewel that you hope to proudly wear for a lifetime, give a thought and do not rush with your purchase decision. 

If looking for a simple plain pair of wedding bands, give the RG230 a good look. Available with a host of options to enhance the appearance of your plain wedding band. Interesting ideas for the texture and gold finishing on your wedding band pair, will ensure that you need to look no further. Etchings on the inside or outside of the band are also possible. click   for full details.  It is also possible to combine different finishes (or textures) on a single plain ring.  Add a healthy dose of confident style to your wedding band pair by combining different gold colors in each of the rings. Two tone gold wedding bands are quite popular with the young heart. 

Kaisilver Wedding Band Pairs: By providing complete customization for wedding bands and all other jewelry we ensure that, you get the special ring of your dreams. You are not limited in terms of design, metal or gemstones when ordering your jewels from us. Our support experts at are geared to guide and advice rather than, to push you for a sale order. So do contact them for any issues related to gems and jewelry. We will be glad to custom make your wedding bands with your design idea or concept, email your images or sketches to us and we will together work to finalize the ideal specifications for the same.