Wedding Ring For Men, The Sizzling Spessartite 

Wedding rings for men have evolved, style, meaning and a dose of color are strong favorites now. If we told you about a garnet men's ring, you would probably presume that the gemstone would be a deep red gem. Let us surprise you with this orange garnet men's, a fine jewel to mark a wedding or engagement. It was believed for many centuries that all garnets are red, the gem was often mistaken for ruby. Closer to our time and science disclosed a gorgeous array of colors within the garnet family. The wedding ring shown here is set with a gorgeous orange garnet gem, the rare stone is referred to as a garnet. Orange is not an often seen gem color in men's rings, fire opal and orange sapphire are some other orange gems. 

spessartite ring for men
man wedding ring garnet spessartite

Kaisilver procures spessartite garnets directly from the mining locations. The stones are carefully selected based on quality, this gives us access to some of the best and some of the largest spessartite gemstones. A men's wedding ring with this gem is sure to draw considerable attention, remember that even many seasoned jewelry lovers have never seen or heard of this gem. We can craft a superior men's spessartite garnet wedding ring in gold or 925 silver, rest assured that quality standards remain the same for both metals. 

If you like the look of this rare orange gem but, prefer that it appear more discrete, pick a yellow gold spessartite men's ring. The warm color contrast of yellow gold, will add a subtle note to the energetic look of the spessartite gem in the center. On the other hand, a white gold spessartite ring would give emphasis to the gorgeous gem in the center, the row of diamonds further highlight the luxury look of the ring. Kaisilver men's rings can be made to order in 14k or 18k gold, you have a choice of yellow, white or pink gold to choose from.

Men have always had a close affair with sterling silver, the confident and reliable look of 925 silver has never failed to impress men. With discerning jewelry buyers now giving equal importance and respect to gold and silver, the idea of a hefty men's silver wedding ring is truly awesome. Kaisilver will craft the men's silver wedding ring with the same quality standards for design, workmanship and gemstones as provided for the gold ring. 

What If you have fallen in love with this stunning garnet but, don't think much about the design of the MAN122 men's spessartite wedding ring. Things are always easy when you choose to work with Kaisilver, the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand. You could pick any of our men's rings and request for it to be made with a spessartite garnet gem. And if you have some very specific concept in mind, email us an image or picture and we will custom make it for you. Keep in mind that, gold and silver are always available options and ring dimensions can also be personalized to suit your preference. 

Customization: We kept referring to this men's wedding ring as a custom ring, so let us inspire you with some unique ideas. One option would be to go for a larger spessartite gem in the center and leave out the diamonds, this will deliver a men's ring that is centered around the rare gem. You could also consider a men's spesssartite wedding ring, with a square, round or cushion cut gemstone in the center. At Kaisilver we custom cut every stone that is set in our jewels, the shape, size and even the cut of the spessartite gem can therefore be easily accommodated. The sides of the ring could be decorated with some symbolic etchings, a cross, the yin yang symbol or something to suit your fancy could be done. And if you have something very different in mind, send us images or sketches of your thoughts our experts will translate that into the ring of your dreams. 

Kaisilver: Some of the finest jewelry artisans and craftsmen in Thailand work with a team of inspired designers. Each Kaisilver jewel is fully custom made and we place no limitation on design or gemstones. The support team at will be glad to help you with advice and suggestions without, talking you into make a purchase. You can decide to work with the jeweler that makes you feel comfortable.