Men's Emerald Wedding Ring

Until a decade ago, the use of gems in mens wedding rings was not considered to be an important issue. As the trends change, the move is towards wedding rings for men with good design, craftsmanship and gems. The MAN71 is an awesome mens emerald ring in more than one sense, we will discuss the ring in detail in this section. We will talk about various features that you should look for when choosing a mens emerald wedding ring, we will also question whether you should really be choosing an emerald ring at all. Not much of sales talk but more by way of useful information and suggestions.

You first need to understand a few things about emeralds, so here are the essentials. The emerald gem stone is a variety of beryl, other gems from the same beryl family include morganite, aquamarine and bixbite. Each of these beryl varieties have their own characteristics and physical properties. If it is an emerald mens wedding ring you will need to be aware of features that pertain to this specific type of beryl. If you are getting this mens wedding ring as a birthstone ring, you should know that emerald is the May birth stone. Emeralds are green in color and will always contain natural inclusions and fissures. So basically an eye clean emerald is a myth, unless you are talking about a tiny stone. The natural inclusions and fissures in emeralds occur over the millions of years that it takes for an emerald gem stone to be formed. They are similar to birthmarks of the gem and therefore no two pieces of emerald will be absolutely identical. Gem lovers and gemological experts fondly refer to these as 'birthmarks'.

mens emerald wedding ring
emerald ring for men

Despite the fact that all emeralds have inclusions, you can still select medium or good grade emeralds for your mens emerald gem stone ring. A good grade emerald gem stone would be fewer inclusions and the stone will not appear very dark and opaque. The image shows the mens emerald gem stone wedding ring with good grade emerald gem stones.The important thing is that all emeralds used in your Kaisilver ring will be natural, the medium and good grade emeralds have the same good cutting and firm setting.

To appreciate the advanced features of this mens wedding ring with emerald gem, you need to know a few more facts related to emeralds. These are things that every jeweler is aware of but does not dare (or care) to educate buyers about. The information is true about ALL emeralds on this planet and not just to the emeralds provided by Kaisilver. All emeralds that reach the gemstone and jewelry markets are treated with natural oils. This has been done for centuries and is something that even gemological experts have come to accept it. It might surprise you to know that priceless emerald jewels securely kept in the world's famous museums, periodically go through an oiling process to keep the emeralds looking good!

It is therefore reasonable to presume that the stone in your emerald mens wedding ring will be treated with oils. This will remain a fact irrespective of your jeweler keeping it a secret or disclosing ithe information to you. The oil treatment for emeralds 'softens' the visbility of the fissures and inclusions that are naturally present in the gem stone. This enhances the beauty and lustre of the emerald gem stone. Some gem manufacturers do believe that, oiling the stone also increases it's strength.

The fissures in emeralds and the oil treatment makes it necessary for some precautions to be followed when wearing, storing or cleaning an emerald ring. Taking all these factors into consideration, the design experts at Kaisilver have researched the MAN71 ring to have some inbuilt features in terms of longterm durability. The moderate gem size makes it less likely for the gems to be struck by physical impact. Each of the gems in this emerald mens wedding ring is bordered with metal (gold or silver). This gives a firm mounting for the gems and also eliminates the edges being chipped or cracked with side impact. You will notice that the gems in this mens wedding ring are almost flush with the surface of the ring, there is almost no protrusion beyond the face of the ring. This reduces the chances of the emeralds getting damaged by hitting against hard objects.

Some tips and suggestions to keep your mens wedding ring with emerald looking great. It is best to keep an emerald away from physical impact, this can cause the gem to crack or break. Do not soak your emerald ring in water for long time, this could affect the natural oils used to treat the gem stone. Heat sources can cause the oils to dry up and this will negatively affect the beauty of your mens emerald gem stone wedding ring. Ultrasonic cleaners should not be used to clean emerald gem stone rings. Use some cool water and a soft brush to clean the ring. Then use a soft, clean cloth without any metal hooks or pinks to gently dab the wet ring dry.

Since each mens wedding ring with emerald is tailor made as per your requirements, there is no limit to the degree of customization that can be incorporated into your jewel. Below is a summary of the main customizable features that are commonly requested by buyers of this ring. If there is any specific detail for which you need clarification do email us at  Our support team will provide you with advice and suggestions, there is never any obligation to make a purchase. We would therefore urge you to get the benefit of our expertise irrespective of where you buy your ring from.

Metal Options 14k or 18k Gold, Yellow or White Gold. Also Sterling Silver.
Ring Sizes Available Custom made in all ring sizes.
Gemstone Specifications 6mm square gems, 6 pieces in all.
Metal Weight For Gold Ring 25 to 30 grams.
Metal Weight For Silver Ring 20 to 25 grams.
Gemstone Mounting Firm mounting with metal border, protects gemstone too.
Band Width Of The Ring 10mm uniform band width. Can be customized to your requirements.
Gold Ring Finishing Dull or high polished finish, can also combine both finishings in ring.
Gemstone Options All gem options and combinations are availale.

Important: When people talk about green gemstones, they almost always refer to emerald. One reason for this is because many casual jewelry buyers are not aware of other green gem stones. If you are interested in getting a mens wedding ring with a green gem but, have no specific preference for emeralds, discuss this with your jeweler. There are other green gems like peridot, green tourmaline, green jade and even green sapphires which can be used for the jewel. Some of these gems are cheaper than emerald and others are more sturdy as compared to an emerald gem stone.

We do hope that you have found the above information to be both useful and interesting. Should you ever need any information  related to gems and jewelry, feel free to email the Kaisilver team of experts at We can produce just about any custom jewel with the metal, dimensions, gemstones and design that you require.