Square Gemstone Wedding Ring For Men

Men love symmetry, simple and stylish has always been a favorite when it comes to men's rings. While women prefer elaborate jewels, men tend to stick to simplicity even when it comes to wedding rings. It is therefore no surprise that men's square gemstone wedding rings are a favorite. Having said that, it is true that many gems including ruby, sapphire, emerald and even diamonds are most often cut in round, oval or pear shapes. The MAN63n Kaisilver men's wedding ring can be ordered in gold or 925 silver, no limitation on gemstone and the band width can be tapered or uniform. 

square wedding ring for men
wedding ring for men square gem

So what are your gemstone options when you order a Kaisilver men's wedding ring. The simple answer is 'NONE', with direct access to gems mined and cut from almost every mining location on the globe, we place no restrictions on your choice of gemstone. The MAN63n ring is shown here with a green tourmaline, but you can specify your choice of gemstone when ordering your square stone ring. 

At Kaisilver we custom cut every gemstone that is set in our gold or 925 silver jewelry. With equal quality standards being maintained for men's gold or silver rings, the gem quality and choice remains the same for both metals. Since we custom each gem for a specific jewel, you can request for a change in shape and size of the gem for your men's gold or silver wedding ring. Typically a 7mm - 8mm gem size would suit most ring sizes, but if you require a ring size larger than 10 US, you might want to request for a 9mm - 10mm gemstone. 

Gemstones differ widely in terms of cost, in general it could be said that larger gems carry a premium price tag (per carat) as compared to their smaller counterparts. When you talk about gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite, we would suggest a 7mm square gemstone. This is true especially of rubies and sapphires where 8mm stones are very pricey. Aquamarine, tourmaline, spessartite and rubelite could fit many budgets in sizes up to 8mm. If you prefer large square gems at a modest price, consider all shades of blue topaz, white topaz, amethyst, red garnet, smoky quartz and peridot. 

Choosing a gemstone for a men's wedding ring based on color offers some interesting options. Each color on the rainbow and beyond, can be found in more than one gemstone. The price structure for these gems can differ widely and you could pick the one that suits your spending plan. For example, a men's square gemstone wedding ring could have a blue sapphire, aquamarine, tanzanite (violet-blue) or blue topaz stone. Prices of course differ widely and blue topaz offers awesome value based on price, color and clarity. Most jewelry buyers are familiar with a narrow range of gems, blue sapphire, ruby and emerald are known to most casual buyers. The fact is that nature has bestowed a scintillating range of gems on us - it is time that the jewelry industry embraced the entire spectrum of gems. 

Kaisilver Men's Square Gem Ring Highlights:

  • There is no limitation on design, we can work with your design or ours. 
  • Unlimited choice of gems, not limited to what is mentioned on our website.
  • Choice of 925 silver and gold (10k, 14k, 18k all gold colors).
  • The size and shape of the gemstone, can be modified to your liking. 
  • The band width for the ring can be uniform or tapered. 
  • Since each men's ring is custom made, all ring size requests can be accommodated. 
  • The minimum metal weight is [silver 15 gms] and [gold 20 gms].
  • Make a request if you need a ring with no scooping inside the band. 
  • Larger ring sizes might call for additional metal weight.
  • Equality importance is given to appearance and long term durability. 

Adding A Side Stone:

While not absolutely necessary, many of you might wish to have a stone set on either side of the square gem. Depending on your budget this could be a diamond (2mm to 2.5mm rounds) or any other gem (2mm to 4mm). You might wish to know that, the days of wedding rings which flaunted nothing besides metal and diamonds, are officially over. Couples are today more open to the gemstone that they choose for their special rings. 


How To Buy: At Kaisilver we have never encouraged impulse purchases, no 'buy now', 'express checkouts' etc. If you have any queries or requirements related to gems and jewelry, email the experts at sales@kaisilver.com and provide as many details as possible. You can also attach images of your own design ideas, the team will work on details and come up with options and a price quote. Review the MAN63n Men's Square Gem Report, for full details about this ring. 

diamond wedding ring for men
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