Men's Wedding Ring With Ruby

A decade ago the debate was about. whether men should wear a wedding ring. We live in a world today where a majority of men prefer to wear a wedding ring. Ruby has always been viewed as a symbol or power and wealth. Red gems symbolize true love and dedication. This is one of the reasons why a men's ruby wedding ring is considered to be a great idea. It is important you have a fair understanding about ruby before, making a buying decision. 

ruby wedding ring for men
men's ruby wedding ring

Ruby has often been referred to as the king or gemstones, you might also come across the term 'queen of gemstones' when reading about ruby. A well known fact is that, rubies were once reserved for the royals and aristocrats. The common man was not allowed to own or wear a ruby gemstone. The days of kings and queens are more or less over but, a new waive of privileged people have not taken over. As you look around for a suitable ruby wedding ring for men, you will notice that the price point for these rings is quite substantial. You now have 2 groups of jewelry buyers, those who can afford a good ruby gemstone ring and those who cannot. 

Buying a wedding ring is always a special venture, you want the best and you want the gemstone to be nice and large. Unfortunately, rubies show a sharp spike in price when the gem sizes increases. There is a ruby gemstone size that gives a good combination of looks and price and for men's ruby rings, this is the 9x7mm oval gem. On either side of the center oval ruby gemstone is a 2.5mm round authentic diamond. If you happen to be blessed with a substantial budget that can accommodate an even larger ruby or larger diamonds, we at Kaisilver can custom make that special ruby ring for you. 

Ruby Facts:

  • Ruby belongs to the corundum mineral family, it is by nature hard and long lasting.
  • This gemstone can be priced with a wide range, pick the gem that works for your budget.
  • A ruby will always be expensive, the upper price point could run into many thousand dollars.  
  • We are talking about a ruby men's ring with a natural ruby gemstone (not man made).
  • Fake rubies and man made synthetic gems abound, stay away from these stones. 
  • Heating rubies to improve clarity and color is accepted by gemstone experts.
  • Heated rubies do not lose their toughness of value. 
  • Please note that, rubies that are fissure (glass) filled, have a low value and are not durable. 
  • Rubies from Burma carry a premium price, just because of their origin. 
  • It is best to choose a natural heated ruby, based on appearance and insist on specific origin. 
  • You can request for gemstone authentication certificate for your men's ruby gemstone ring. 

MAN64r Features:

  • This men's ruby wedding ring is crafted in gold and 925 sterling silver. 
  • The quality standards for both rings remain the same. 
  • We offer options for 14k and 18k in yellow, white and pink gold. 
  • The center gemstone is a natural, certified 9x7mm oval ruby gemstone. 
  • There is a 2.5mm round diamond encrusted on either side of the ruby gem. 
  • The MAN64r wedding ring for men has a metal weight of around 20-25 grams. 
  • The bezel mounting for the gem and recessed mount for diamonds builds durability. 
  • All ring size requests can be accommodated, larger rings might need more weight. 
  • There is no limitation for the gem that you can select for your wedding ring. 
  • The size and shape of the gem can be personalized to your liking. 
  • We can also custom make a men's wedding ring with your own design. 

The symbolism of love and affection that is associated with ruby, makes it a great gemstone for wedding rings. You could even choose a pair of wedding rings for 'him and her' with ruby as the main gem. The design for the two rings can differ, it is the gem that will connect them. When choosing a men's ruby wedding ring, do not forget to evaluate quality related features. A light weight ruby gemstone ring can appear attractive but, this jewel would be prone to damage. Bad workmanship can lead to loose gemstones, so make sure that quality takes precedence over price. 

So will your ruby gemstone ring for men be solid inside the band, this is a question that is often put to our team. Given the weight of 20-25 grams as mentioned above, ring sizes that are not very big can be made with no metal scooping done inside the band. Once we have your ring size, we can let you know if your wedding ring will require more metal weight, this to provide a solid band with no scooping done inside. If you happen to order a men's silver wedding ring, we can increase the metal weight without any additional charge. However for the men's gold ruby ring, requirements of higher metal weight would be added to the price tag. You will of course, be informed before the order confirmation about any such increase in price. 

Kaisilver: We craft fine custom jewelry in gold or 925 silver, there is no limitation or design or gemstones. With the same team of designers,  artisans, gem experts and quality check specialists working on gold and sterling silver jewelry order, you are assured of the same superior standards irrespective of the metal selected. Before you make a comparison of our jewelry with what others jewelry providers offer, please evaluate the metal weight, durability features and metal weight for the pieces being compared. Our focus is on fine workmanship and long term durability. You can contact our team of experts at with any questions that you might have. We will be glad to help no matter where you buy your ring from. 

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