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We have often made a statement that, men look for more meaning and significance in the jewelry that they wear. A men's wedding ring is a special jewel to symbolize a very important event. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the 'best' design or choice for mens wedding rings, personal preference and budgets play a major role in the final selection. However what is very relevant is that, a gold or silver wedding ring for men, that has some special meaning or tradition attached to it takes the ring and the ocassion to the next level. With this context in mind, we will dedicate this report to the yin yang ring and look at how it can add meaning to a mens wedding ring.

Before we move on to the topic of yin yang wedding rings for men, let us first understand the meaning of yin yang. The tradition or belief in yin yang is interesting and has something to teach all of us. Just to give you an idea of what to interpret from the yin yang ring or the symbol, we have provided a clear yin yang image. At first, you will notice two colors, two shapes and two dots embedded in those shapes. From then on, you will be truly amazed at the explanation and interpretations that are behind this very popular shape. In our opinion, understanding the symbol is vital to rightly comprehend the meaning of a men's yin yang wedding ring.

men's ying yang ring iolite

A tremendous yin yang ring for men, designed to be suitable for daily wear or as a men's wedding ring. The center iolite gem is flanked by two important symbol, the lightning and the yin yang. You can order the ring in gold or sterling silver with your choice of gem ... more

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This men's yin yang ring has all the style and class that you would expect a men's wedding ring to have. The yin yang motif in the front is composed of black onyx and mother of pearl. A white and black diamonds are set in the yon yang symbol, get all details for this ring ... more

In the case of the MAN31 iolite and yin yang ring for men, you will notice that prominence is given to the center gemstone. The yin yang symbol is etched into the metal on one side, you could surely request for the same ring with the yin yang symbol on both sides. Though this could be referred to as a men's yin yang ring the added gem stone opens up more options for you. For example, if you wanted a mens wedding ring with a January birth stone but, also have faith in the yin yang concept - you could request for the MAN31 (or any other ring) to be custom made with a deep red garnet (January birthstone) in the center and, ask for the yin yang symbol to be present on the side of the ring. Let us simplify this design concept even further and get another good option for you to consider. How about a mens wedding band ring, a simple gold or silver band ring with uniform band width all around. Then request for the yin yang symbol to be etched into the front of the ring. Such a mens yin yang wedding band ring, would look simple and elegant and  have all the significance and meaning of the yin yang.

The MAN76 mens yin yang gold or silver ring for men, has a more intricate design as compared to the MAN31. This is indeed a full fledged mens yin yang wedding ring, the yin yang symbol is at the heart of the jewel. Despite complete attention being grabbed by the yin yang symbol in the center, the ring actually includes four types of gemstones or stones. The black portion of the symbol is set with precisely cut black onyx. Another intricate job is done on the white mother of pearl that, sits against the black onyx. What is more interesting is the 2mm round stones that are set in the black and white portions. These are natural diamonds, one is white and the other black. We understand that the historic rise in the price of gold has strained the budgets of many buyers, we remain committed to provide the same quality of design, gems and craftsmanship for the gold or silver mens yin yang wedding ring.

Since each mens wedding ring is tailor made as per your requirements, there is no limit to the degree of customization that can be incorporated into your jewel. If there is any specific detail for which you need clarification do email us at sales@kaisilver.com Our support team will provide you with advice and suggestions, there is never any obligation to make a purchase. We would therefore urge you to get the benefit of our expertise irrespective of where you buy your ring from.

The yin yang respects the existence of two opposing forces, concepts or beings. According to the yin yang belief, nothing is all good and nothing is all bad. There does not exist a very clear demarcation between black and white. If you  see the shapes of the white and black portions in the yin yang symbol above, they seem to be flowing into each other and at the same time against each other. The important thing is that, they continue to exist side by side. A mens yin yang wedding ring would symbolize the union between two hearts, two bodies, two minds in two individuals. For a marriage to succeed each side, would need to accommodate the differences, likes and dislikes of the other. Problems arise when any one side likes to completely dominate the relationship, harmony will prevail when both sides can understand, tolerate and forgive each other. So when you slide a mens yin yang wedding ring on your finger, you are actually recognizing the significant challenges that married lifes requires both husband and wife to make. You will now understand why we said that a mens yin yang ring, is perfectly suited for a mens wedding ring.

If you asked us whether a mens yin yang wedding ring, would ensure success in marriage, we would not commit to that. The effect of wearing such a mens wedding ring, is based on the personal feeling and interpretation of the person wearing the jewel. While yin yang is not about religion, it does work like religious faith in certain respects. Having faith in a religion gives you inner strength and motivation, to keep doing good things in life. It also encourages you to avoid doing evil things and at the same time, gives you a sense of responsibility and conviction. It is hard to quantify the exact benefits that a mens yin yang wedding ring can bring to your life. For those who believe in the tradition of the yin yang, the symbol is priceless and yin yang jewelry of any form and type would be highly respected. For those who do not understand or do not believe in the meaning of the yin yang, it is just another symbol.

If you are thinking of getting a mens ying yang wedding ring, here are some tips and suggestions. While the MAN76 Kaisilver men's yin yang ring is quite elaborate, you can stay within your capacity and budget when choosing the yin yang ring. The point is that, when wearing jewelry with meaning, the metal, price tag or precious gems set in the ring have no effect in increasing or decreasing, the level of satisfaction and fulfillment that you feel. In it's simplest form, your mens yin yang wedding ring could be a simple band etched with the yin yang symbol in the front. Such a gold or silver yin yang wedding band, would effectively have the same significance as an extravagant yin yang ring with 14k or 18k gold and glittering diamonds. A Kaisilver mens yin yang wedding ring, could be as simple as you need it to be or as lavish as you would like it to be.


Metal Options 14k or 18k Gold, Yellow or White Gold. Also Sterling Silver.
Ring Sizes Available Custom made in all ring sizes.
Metal Weight For Gold Ring 22 to 25 grams.
Metal Weight For Silver Ring 20 to 25 grams.
Gemstone Mounting Firm mounting with metal border, protects gemstone too.
Gold Ring Finishing Dull or high polished finish, can also combine both finishings in ring.
Ring Design The design for your Kaisilver mens ring can be yours or ours.
Gemstone Options All gem options and combinations are available

We do hope that you have found the above information to be both useful and interesting. Should you ever need any information  related to gems and jewelry, feel free to email the Kaisilver team of experts at sales@kaisilver.com We can produce just about any custom jewel with the metal, dimensions, gemstones and design that you require. 

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