Men's Wedding Ring, Aquamarine

Men love blue gemstones and aquamarine has always been one of the favorites for men's rings. Aquamarine gets its name from two words, 'aqua' meaning water and 'marine' referring to the waters in the sea. A men's wedding ring should have a style and concept that, would look fine for formal and informal wear. Aquamarine is an awesome gemstone as it, has a classy and stylish look without being loud. Most of us wish to wear our wedding rings everyday, aquamarine is a sturdy gemstone and does not need too much of care and attention. Having said that we should add that, it is not only the toughness of the gem that will influence the durability of a men's aquamarine wedding ring. We will discuss more about this as move ahead in this report. 

men's aquamarine wedding ring
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Aquamarine is a type of beryl, the gemstone has a greenish blue color when mined. On heating the tough aquamarine, the gem loses its greenish tint and you get a pleasant pastel blue color. Emerald, aquamarine and morganite have something in common, they are all members of the beryl mineral family. The birthstone charts designate the blue beauty as the birthstone for the month of March. A men's aquamarine wedding ring would have even more meaning if, the wearer was born in the month of March. The practice of wearing a birthstone wedding ring has drawn tremendous interest in recent years. 

When budgeting for an aquamarine ring, it is useful to understand the price logistics for the gem. Aquamarine was much more affordable until a few years ago, the gemstone then made a strong entry into the wedding jewelry segment. This encouraged a price increase, of aquamarine and the trend keeps continuing. A gem quality aquamarine gem that is immaculately shaped and cut, has a lavish look that few gemstones can match. All said and done, a men's aquamarine ring with a gem size in the 3 to 5 carat range, should be within many budgets. 

You can order a men's aquamarine wedding ring in gold or 925 sterling silver. And if you choose the gold option, you can specify 14k or 18k gold and also select white, yellow or pink gold. The choice of gold color is largely based on your preference but, here are some important tips. Since aquamarine has a pastel blue color, a white gold ring will best showcase the color of the stone. White gold casts a neutral color contrast with all gemstones, this allows gems to show their true colors. Talking about yellow or rose gold for a men's aquamarine ring, both these gold colors will add their own color tone to the gemstone. The best thing about Kai Silver jewelry is that, gold and silver jewelry is crafted to the same quality standards. We would suggest that a men's silver wedding ring with aquamarine, not be plated. This is because the plating on a silver ring will always come off after a while, it is therefore a good idea to leave your men's 925 silver wedding ring unplated. 

For those of you who plan to go for a men's aquamarine wedding ring for the serene blue color of the stone, here is some advice. The light shade of blue topaz, also known as sky blue topaz, can come close to the color of aquamarine. Let us clarify one thing right away that, topaz and aquamarine are not the same gemstone.  The good thing about topaz is that, it is priced significantly lower than aquamarine. So if you are particular about the gem color but, have no specific preference for aquamarine - consider sky blue topaz for your men's wedding ring. We would encourage you to discuss your requirements with the Kaisilver support team and get their advice. 

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