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Wedding Rings For Men

There was a time when men would not care much for a wedding ring, things have changed today. With most married ladies opting to wear a wedding ring, men can no longer keep the fact that they are married a secret! An interesting thing about mens wedding rings is that, men wear generally wear it as a symbolic reference. This does not mean that men do not flash extravagant sapphire or diamond wedding rings. The style preference and even budget spent on a mens wedding ring can vary from person to person and probably, from nation to nation too. Irrespective of how much you spend for a mens gold or 925 silver wedding ring, you would expect it to look dignified and be durable. 

We at Kaisilver realize how important your wedding ring is to you and your beloved. We custom make mens wedding rings in gold or 925 silver. And we do not agree that a men's sterling silver wedding ring needs to be any less awesome than a gold ring. Our commitment to this is proved by the fact that, we assign the same team of designers, gem experts and artisans for crafting gold or silver wedding rings. When ordering your wedding ring from us, you will not be limited on features related to metal, design, ring size, dimensions, gemstone or metal. This online resource is dedicated specifically to mens wedding rings, we encourage you to read the detailed reports and review some fine ring ideas for your special jewel. You can always contact our support experts at to get ideas or suggestions for any gem or jewelry related queries that you might have. 
Mens Topaz Wedding Rings: The demand for mens wedding rings is quite impressive. It is not rare for men to wear, a wedding ring as the only jewel accessory. Topaz wedding rings for men have generally implied shades of blue topaz with, london blue topaz first and then swiss blue topaz claiming a large share of mens topaz wedding rings. However that scenario has changed in recent years as men choose more unique gem options for their gold or 925 silver wedding rings. Kaisilver offers custom wedding rings for men with a choice of metal and gemstone, the MAN75 white topaz ring has recently drawn much interest among young couples, the gemstone in this case is neither swiss blue nor london blue topaz but, white topaz. Our report takes you closer to this astounding jewel ... more

Diamond Wedding Ring For Men

One of the all time favorites for a man wedding ring and this has remained true for many decades. When picking a diamond ring for a man most buyers would be influenced by price. At the same time you really don't want a dull cloudy diamond to adorn your wedding ring. Kaisilver with it's custom made selection of mens diamond wedding rings can give you some awesome ideas and suggestions. Made to order with your designs or ours, these diamond rings can be customized for features and price tag. Available in gold and silver with fine craftsmanship, and built in features to bolster longterm durability ... more.

blue gemstone ring men's wedding

Blue Gem Wedding Rings For Men

Most jewelry buyers are familiar with blue sapphires, this explains why mens blue sapphire rings are very popular. For those of you who wish to have a mens blue gemstone wedding ring with a gem other than a blue sapphire, you would be glad to know that there are some awesome options available. The interesting thing is that, many blue gems that could be used for a mens wedding ring are priced much more moderately as compared to blue sapphire. Learn about blue gems like topaz, aquamarine and when it comes to blue topaz - you have three shades of blue to choose from. Review the report at ... more

Men's Claddagh Rings

For men looking to have a wedding ring that, packs in tremendous meaning and significance, we would recommend a claddagh mens wedding ring in gold or 925 silver. It is globally accepted that Kai Silver crafts the finest claddagh rings, each ring is worked on by extremely skilled artisans. Your men's claddagh gem stone ring retains all the features that were present in the original ring made almost 4 centuries ago. With the option to personalize every single feature, your claddagh wedding ring can have your birthstone, or be made with no gem stone at all ... more

Tanzanite Wedding Ring For Men

A gemstone found in just one location on our planet, Tanzanite has a fairly recent history. The demand for mens wedding rings with colored gemstone is high and here to stay. When choosing a gem for your mens gold or silver wedding ring, look for beauty and also give attention to other unique features. Kaisilver procures Tanzanite rough directly from the Kilimanjaro mountain area in the East African nation of Tanzania. The debate about Tanzanite being rarer than a diamond has today, got the fashion world by storm. We tell you more about these awesome rings ... more.

Mens Opal Wedding Ring: Gemstones are fast becoming an important element in wedding rings for men and opal is benefiting from this trend. When selecting a mens opal wedding ring, give yourself a chance to understand the opal options that you have. Not all opals come from Australia and some spectacular Mexican opals hold the color of fire and flames - we refer to the famous Mexican fire opal gem. While the design and gem mounting for a mens opal ring can positively enhance the durability of the jewel, choosing an opal gem for your ring does mean that, you will need to provide the gem with some care and attention. Opal is the birthstone for the month of October, so the jewel would signify something special for men born in October. Walk through our report on mens opal wedding rings ... more


Mens Sapphire Wedding Ring

Undoubtedly one of the top favorites for mens wedding rings, sapphires have been desired by the royals all through history. If long term wearability is on your mind, this is one gemstone that needs very little attention and fussing. While we could tell you that, sapphires are found in many colors besides blue - the truth is that blue remains the most popular sapphire color when it comes to mens rings. The MAN22 Kaisilver sapphire diamond ring for men, is blessed with great looks, a handsome gold or silver weight, fine craftsmanship and a handpicked 7mm round blue sapphire gemstone. The four diamonds set around the center sapphire in this men's sapphire wedding rings rubs in some extra sparkle into this amazing jewel. Custom made in all sizes in gold or 925 silver... more. 

Mens Cross Wedding Ring: This ring is one men's ring that does not need any special occasion to be worn. Having said that, it is quite apparent that many men prefer to wear a cross ring as a wedding jewel. You could get a good custom men's cross wedding ring in gold or 925 silver, the jewel could be plain or studded. A simple cross etched on a plain wedding band ring would be just fine. And if you wish to add some glitter to to your cross ring, go for a gold or 925 sterling silver man wedding ring with the cross encrusted with small diamonds. We discuss more about a cross ring, check out the details ... more

Men's Jade Wedding Ring

Jade has always been a gem associated with rich cultural heritage. The definition of jade includes both, nephrite and jadeite. While the tradition and beauty of the gem is sufficient to push up the demand for mens jade gemstone rings, this is one gem that is well known for it's toughness. Kaisilver gold and silver mens jade wedding rings can be made with jade that respects your budget. We provide options for both, dyed and untreated jade gems. The darker green shades of nephrite in untreated form, generally impresses men. The design, metal and ring size can be selected by you ... more