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Mens Yin Yang Wedding Ring: The desire of men to wear jewelry with meaning has always impressed high end jewellers like us. And this trend is all the more apparent when it comes to a man wedding ring, This can be verified by the large number of custom man cross wedding rings, man birthstone wedding rings and even simple men's wedding rings with etchings and engravings. Most of you would be familiar with the yin yang symbol which, has become quite popular in jewellery too. Kaisilver introduces you to the concept of man yin yang wedding rings, The yin yang symbol is not about religion and it's meaning is relevant to everyone. The yin yang symbol in it's simplest form, could be engraved on any man wedding ring. We also show you a men's yin yang ring that, has a more elaborate yin yang motif ... more

Men's Wedding Bands: The topic of wedding rings for men would never be complete without mentioning the most popular ring concept for the occasion - wedding bands. There are many reasons why men prefer a simple or intricate wedding band, to begin with - easy of wear and modest price lead the list of reasons. Though men's jewelry has taken several bold steps in the world of male style and fashion, many men still prefer to wear sober jewelry and a wedding band fits the requirement. While a men's wedding band can be quite elaborate and studded with gems and diamonds, it is also possible to get a simple custom wedding band in gold, silver or platinum. Interestingly, a plain wedding band can be enhanced with textures and a variety of finishes. A wedding band concept also proves useful when the couple decide to go for a pair of wedding bands - it is easy to find a concept that looks equally attractive for ladies and men ... more

Mens Amethyst Wedding Ring:  A gemstone that has been familiar from the days of the Bible, amethyst has prominently  figured in almost every civilization. If you wish to have a gem stone in your men's wedding ring, amethyst offers affordability and can withstand prolonged wear. Listed as the birthstone for February, amethyst is found in three shades of purple. You could request for a custom men's wedding ring with a medium or dark amethyst gem. The pale violet amethyst is just too pale to impress any serious men's jewellery buyer. But if you still prefer to get a man wedding ring with a light color amethyst, let us know and we will do that for you. We have an interesting collection of men's rings suitable for a man amethyst wedding ring and we can custom make your ring with the design of your choice ... more.

gemstone wedding ring for men

Gemstone rings: When choosing a mens gem stone wedding ring, you should consider the gemstone in relation to the overall ring design or vice-versa. It might be easier if you have a specific gem in mind for your men's ring but, knowing more about gems and options available will make your purchase a lot safer and satisfying. At Kaisilver we can custom make your wedding ring with the gem of your choice. You could pick an existing design from our website or send us your own unique design concept. Our report explains the essential issues to be considered when selecting a man gem stone wedding ring. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that, suitable natural gems go far beyond the conventional ruby, sapphire and emerald. We assure the same quality for gold and  silver jewelry, something that works to your benefit ... more