Ruby Wedding Rings For Men

Men's ruby wedding rings make a great choice, there are some very impressive reasons for this. Ruby referred to as the queen of the gemstone world, it is extremely rare and very durable and absolutely stunning. If you do not see a large number of men wearing a ruby ring to mark the important event, it is because of the high price of ruby rings. You can order a men's gold or 925 silver wedding ring with the design of your choice. You could pick any design from the Kaisilver websites and request, for it to be made in gold or silver with a ruby gemstone. We can even craft a men's ruby wedding ring with a design provided by you.  

men's ruby wedding ring
ruby diamond ring for men wedding

There are some very good reasons for choosing a men's wedding ring ruby, here are a few. Ruby is rare and has been highly sought after all through history. The rarity and unique nature of this red gem, makes it perfect for a very special occasion - an engagement or wedding. Men are not known to take too much care of their jewelry. Ruby with its impressive hardness and durability, is perfect for prolonged wear. Ruby has always been associated with true love, loyalty and sacrifice. While ruby carries an expensive price tag, it is surely a great wedding ring to go for if your budget can handle it. 

Ruby looks awesome for both men and women. You can therefore order a pair of ruby wedding rings with the 'his and her' theme. The RG215 ruby band shown below can be worn by him and her, just order a narrower band for her and a wider band for yourself. Ruby wedding bands look awesome in yellow, white or rose (pink) gold. We provide the same fine workmanship and gem quality, for gold and silver rings. 

As can be seen in the way the ruby is mounted in  these Kaisilver rings, the gemstone is secure and well protected from side impact. We do not recommend prong settings as, prongs tend to get caught in fabric and pockets - this causes them to gradually open up and loosen the gemstone. Having said that, we will be glad to provide the design and gem mount that you prefer. 

ruby ring for men
gemstone wedding ring for men

Each Kaisilver ruby ring is crafted by some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. The same quality of gem and workmanship is provided for men's wedding rings in sterling silver and gold. With direct links to almost ever ruby mining operation in the world, we procure rubies right from the mining locations.Extremely skilled gem cutters custom cut each ruby gem that we use. And to ensure that you get a natural ruby gem for your ring and not a man made substitute, we provide a gemstone authentication certificate for ever ruby gem. 

How To Buy: If you are interested in the men's ruby rings shown on this page, click the links shown just below the images. You will see a complete report giving details of the ring, pricing and options. You can always email our support experts at  with your own design ideas or questions, related to gemstones and jewelry. We will be glad to provide information and suggestions even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us.  

Kaisilver: Rated as the leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry, Kaisilver can craft just about any jewel with your design or ours. Pick any jewel from our websites and request for it to crafted in gold or 925 silver with the gem of your choice. More than 7,000 discerning gem and jewelry lovers, rely on Kaisilver for the requirements. We have clients spread across 15 nations. You can send us design ideas and images of your own at  we will be glad to provide a custom price quote for your requirements.