Green Gems For A Men's Wedding Ring 

We have moved from a time when it was not necessary for men to wear a wedding ring to a time when, men's wedding rings were generally nothing more than simple metal bands. We have now reached a time when wedding rings for men are all about style and expression. Green gemstone wedding rings for men are a great idea. Marriage is all about family, it is a journey that runs through various situations and some of these can be very stressful and challenging. Green is the color that symbolizes hope and reconciliation, it encourages regeneration by mending strained relationships. It is then no surprise that crystal healers recommend the gem for married men and women. 

emerald wedding ring for men
green jade ring for men

Choosing the gemstone for a men's green stone wedding ring needs some consideration. There was a time when knowledge about colored gems was highly limited, the only green gem that most people knew about was emerald. It was not uncommon for other green gemstones to be mistakenly referred to as emeralds! Scientists and gem experts now work in hand in hand, the universe of gemstones has widened and opened up. You now have an array of green gems to choose from, this provides you with a range of color shades, sizes, shapes and price points. 

Let's list a few of the popular green gemstones that could be set men's wedding rings. The stones are not shown in any particular order, the choice is yours - emerald, green tourmaline, peridot, green sapphire, green jade, malachite, tsavorite (garnet), demantoid (garnet) and chrysoprase. If you wish to wear a men's green stone ring with an opaque gem, your choice would be made from jade, malachite and chrysoprase. You might have heard of bloodstone, the dark green opaque jasper with red spots. Not much jewelry  is today crafted with this green jasper. 

men's tourmaline gemstone ring
wedding ring for men green gemstone

Green gemstone prices can vary quite significantly. Some green gemstones, can command a premium price per carat when the gem size rises, your choice of a green gem could be influenced by the gem size in your men's wedding ring. If you choose a men's green stone ring with emerald, it is a good idea to pick a design that offers protection to the gemstones in the ring. Green tourmaline is surely not cheap but, this tough gem is priced more modestly as compared to emerald. The more saturated green shade of tourmaline has drawn a big following among men and women.

Peridot has been known since ancient times, history tells us that it was mistaken for emerald. The gemstone can show price variations based on its source. Peridot from China and Arizona is more, budget friendly as compared to peridot from Myanmar (Burma) or Pakistan and Afghanistan. If you plan to pick a men's peridot wedding ring, it might be a good idea to clarify your gemstone requirements especially if, you have any specific requirement in terms of gem origin. Another interesting fact about peridot is that, it is not uncommon for the higher priced gems to show visible inclusions and minor fissures. 

We mentioned a few more green gemstones above, let us briefly talk about each of them. Tsavorite is a green variety of garnet and is mainly mined in the Tsavo National Park region of Kenya. It is rare, expensive and generally limited to smaller sizes. The gemstone can often appear a bit too dark due to the extreme saturation of green in the stone. Larger tsavorite gems that would generally please men are very rare, prices are dictated by a sellers market and can often appear to be ridiculously high. If you for some reason would like to have a green tsavorite stone for your men's wedding ring, try to remain within the 1 carat to 1.5 carat size range. An untrained eye could confuse chrome diopside another green gem for tsavorite, so if you are paying for a tsavorite garnet consider requesting for a certified gemstone. 

green tourmaline gemstone band for men wedding ring
man wedding ring green gemstone

Demantoid is a stupendous gem, it can beat a diamond in terms of fire and glitter. This is another variety of garnet and can be found in green to yellowish green color shades. The world's best demantoid was sourced from Russia, very little if any of the material remains in the mines today. Besides being very rare, Russian demantoid can at times match the price of diamonds. Like tsavorite, demantoid is another extremely rare variety of garnet and is found mainly in small sizes. If you wish to have a demantoid garnet in your men's wedding ring, we would suggest that you choose it for the accent stones. Just to give you an idea, a men's green tourmaline ring, could have a large tourmaline in the center and a 4mm round demantoid gem on either side. Such configurations are easily done when you choose Kaisilver for your ring, there is never a limitation on design or gemstones. 

The birthstone charts are studded with at least two green gemstones, peridot for the month of August and emerald for the month of May. Many gem lovers consider sapphires of all colors including green to be September birthstones. Similarly all tourmaline colors including green, could be worn to mark an October birthday. Encrusting a men's wedding ring with a birthstone adds to the meaning of the jewel. A man could wear his own birthstone in his ring or that of his wife.Many couples believe that, exchanging birthstones in their wedding rings strengthens their mutual bonds. 

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